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The Weekly Smile 5/11/2020 #weeklysmile


I had a lot to smile about last week, but also a lot that was, well, different…  I had some plans for today’s smile that fell through (don’t worry, nothing bad happened).  So I will do a little reflection and mention Tuesday.

Reading the news and social media, I have seen the worst side of human behavior come out more than ever.  But I have also seen the best side.  In fact, I have seen the best side come out in so many fantastic ways.

Being the president of our local Lions Club I get to see a lot of what goes on in my community.  Not everything, by any stretch!  But we do provide the umbrella organization for our local food pantry, so I have some insight there.  And then there is a new grassroots organization that has sprung up to help.  They cook meals, give out food, etc.  One of their goals is to help people enough with the donations they get so these people don’t put a strain on the food pantry.

The local Lions have donated gift cards to local take out restaurants to give to some of these families in need.  This goes through that local grassroots organization.  In the last few weeks we have also been donating gas cards to that same organization.  These gas cards are going to caregivers – people who work in clinics, nursing homes, hospitals, etc. who live in out town.  It can be anyone from doctors and nurses to janitors and assistants, it doesn’t matter, they all put themselves at risk for us. Continue reading



It’s a heavy load to carry
A rough path for us to tread
And some who’ll trip us up
Wishing we were dead

There are some who are forced to carry
More than their due share
Weight is piled on high
Although it’s not fair

But there are some carried by clouds
Who turn a blind eye
When those so much worse off
Are casually passed right by

So if you see one over burdened
With troubles quite untold
Why don’t you stop to lend a hand
To lighten up their load

For we’re just travelers on this Earth
If our burden is great or small
But the journey is much more pleasant
When the load is shared by all

— — —  Continue reading