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Scotland Trip 2022 Part 2: Isle of Skye

Speed bonnie boat like a bird on the wing
Onward the sailors cry
Carry the lad that’s born to be king
Over the sea to Skye

The Skye Boat Song is about Flora MacDonald‘s rescue of Bonnie Prince Charles from the Outer Hebrides to the Isle of Skye. From there he went to Moidart and then on the Paris.

Our trip to Scotland was a family trip, and part of it was uncovering the roots of clan Donald. Where better to start than the Isle of Skye?

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A Great Day in Harlem


Typically I use my Image Mondays for my own photos or drawings.  Today I want to do something different.  Over the weekend I watched the movie “A Great Day in Harlem”.  I want to say a few words about the photo that this documentary is centered around.

In 1958 Esquire magazine wanted to devote a special issue to jazz.  They hired a young art director, Art Kane, to take some photos.  He decided to try to get a few jazz musicians to pose for a large group photo.  This iconic photo has become one of the great documents in what some consider America’s great contribution to Art – Jazz. Continue reading

Why Blue? Why Nude?

Dying Gaul

When I put up a post about the blurb for my book The Fireborn somebody asked me why the title characters are described as “naked blue zombies”. She thought the “naked blue” part sounded like a gimmick or something that came up for a laugh. Actually, the “naked blue” part was the first thing I thought of and the story is based around it.

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