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The snow may fall
On new spring flowers
A blanket
Of winter gone by

The clouds may build
In great black towers
To the eye

The world may shake
Even the greatest powers
For all
Must one day die

But I look up
With hope that never sours
And see
The big blue sky


The snow may fall
On new spring flowers
But life

Will always try


We had 8 inches of snow yesterday. Today, it is almost gone.



It’s a heavy load to carry
A rough path for us to tread
And some who’ll trip us up
Wishing we were dead

There are some who are forced to carry
More than their due share
Weight is piled on high
Although it’s not fair

But there are some carried by clouds
Who turn a blind eye
When those so much worse off
Are casually passed right by

So if you see one over burdened
With troubles quite untold
Why don’t you stop to lend a hand
To lighten up their load

For we’re just travelers on this Earth
If our burden is great or small
But the journey is much more pleasant
When the load is shared by all

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I Want Your Smiles! #weeklysmile Reminder Christmas Edition


Just a short note today :)  I took this picture the other day at sunset.  I missed the solstice – this is Dec 22, but it was pretty close to the shortest day of the year. For some reason the picture is much more colorful than reality, which is both good and bad.  There is a special quality to the air on these short days, a quality that cannot be described in words, and the scene out of my kitchen window was so beautiful.  The phone photo captures a little of it, but doesn’t have that crisp clarity, that ethereal beauty that can only be seen this time of year. Continue reading

Star Child


Created in a cataclysmic cosmic crucible
Supernova seed
Spreading silently through space
Screaming its defiance
To cold entropy
It coalesced in the right place
At the right time
To beat the evil one – Entropy
Supernova seed
That is your origin
That is your destiny
So make your
Supernova ancestor proud
And shine on
Shine brightly
And keep your eye
To the sky


Changes Champion

In youthful days
She was my mistress
Her favor I sought to wear
By my questing heart
As older I grew
More mysterious she became
I dreamed I had tamed her
But a younger man
Is her champion now
Are my ways so set
That I cannot
In my middle age
Win her kerchief
To wear on my helm?
Will a fool I appear
If I seek her out
And try to win
Her glorious glance?
The troubadours
Will once again
In words quite hushed
Speak of our romance Continue reading