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Jessica Franks – The Old Mill

Jessica Franks is, as the saying goes, 35 going on 16.  Or do they say it the other way around?  It doesn’t matter, since for Jessica, the first statement is completely true.

Back when she really was 16, Jessica Wallace (her family name) was an intelligent, vivacious young lady with a bright future.  A romantic at heart, she found dark corners of the library to read love poems.  That romantic side also showed itself with her fantasies about that cute 22-year-old programmer that lived next door to Amy, Gill Baxter.  Gill, for his part, attempted to ignore Jess and her group of friends, The Inseparables, so Jess flirted with him to get his attention.  All of the time.  And in not-so-subtle ways.

But then things changed.  Or perhaps, they didn’t.  The world moved on, and the pages of the calendar flipped, but Jess seemed to be frozen in time.

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