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Does it Make Me Bigger? #PoetsForPeace


Does it make me bigger
To make you smaller?
Does it make me good
To paint you bad?
Does it cleanse my blood
To spill so much of yours?
Does it make me right
To say you’re always wrong?

We stand side by side
As equals
We’re only humans
With both good and bad
Our hearts pump
A shared blood
The greatest right
Is to hold out our hand to those who do wrong

Would it make me smaller
To pull you to my level?
Would it make me bad
To see the good in you?
Would it taint my blood
To admit that we are brothers?
Would it make me wrong
To admit that you are right?

— — — —

A quick poem written for #PoetsForPeace.  See original post for collaboration.

Touch – A Lullaby


Mountain of grey and black looms
Storm clouds gathering
Lightning strikes
The hurricane gusts
I see it in your eye
The troubles of the world
Flood ‘till the dam bursts
But sleep now, my love
Tomorrow is another day
I can’t promise skies of blue
Or free of freezing rain
But I can promise
I’ll be there
Right by your side
No matter how far away
I’ll reach over hill and field
My hand will cross the widest stream
To give you a gentle caress
So I ask you now to sleep
So you can feel my touch



We’re linked wired and wirelessly
We bound the oceans with a key
We chat with people from all walks of life
And visit the world without boundary
Overwhelmed with seven billion friends
I can truly tell this much
No matter how connected we become
We all need that human touch