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Photos of Cape Cod May – July, 2020

Yesterday I took a couple of hours and zipped through the hundreds of photos I have taken in the last few months.  I didn’t look at every photo – I barely even glanced at the photos of flying osprey, of which there were hundreds, but grabbed one from this weekend: Continue reading

Photos from Late June and Early July, 2019

Immature red Tail Hawk flying over

I used to do a lot of photo posts, but haven’t put many up recently.  I have literally thousands of photos from 2018 and early 2019 that I have not even looked at let alone sorted and edited!  over the last week I broke down and looked at the last few.

I spent the last week of June on Cape Cod.  I worked half of the week and entertain guests, so I didn’t take a lot of photos that I can post, but there are a few, like this photo of my nephew fishing. Continue reading

My BackYard

My parents have a great backyard. I spent a huge amount of my youth hanging out in that large expanse of lawn and garden. Even as an adult I spend quite a bit of time out there when I visit.

For a big chunk of my first decade as an “independent adult” I lived in dorms or apartment buildings. Not much of a back yard and I missed it. Later I bought a small house, but it had an almost useless backyard. Even the house my wife and I bought when we were married didn’t have the most usable backyard at first.

Over the years we added a brick patio and worked on the gardens. Now I spend a lot of time out there. Continue reading