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The Weekly Smile for 3/30/2020 #weeklysmile


It’s been one of those days.

Someone stole my mood ring.  I don’t know how I feel about that.  I broke my scale, a real weighty problem, let me tell you! I couldn’t get my car out of “Park”, so I’ve just been idling all day. And then my joke about letting the air out of my tire fell flat.  Which reminds me, what do you get if you drop a piano down a mine shaft?  Ab minor.  Get it?  Ab, that is musical symbols for A-flat? And the minor chord? So, a flat miner, like someone who works in a … oh, never mind.  See? What did I tell you about my lack of timing today?  It’s been going on since I lost my watch…


Paraphrasing an old Calvin and Hobbes comic strip (I do that a lot…): Continue reading

The Plan….

Mt. Katahdin

Many years ago I was at a gas station in Maryland.  I looked over at the beat-up pickup truck next to me and frowned. Hmm.  Maine plates.

“Hey,” I said, catching the driver’s eye.  “Why do you have a snow shovel tied to the front of your truck?”

He hunched over, slightly deflated.

“Dang,” he said.  “I hoped this was the spot, but nope…”

“What are you talking about?”

“Well, see here, after winter was over, I tied my snow shovel to the front of the truck and started south.  My idea is that the first time someone points to it and says, “what do you have there?” I will stop and put down roots, for I know I’d a done found my new home.”

These days I hear it is the other way around.

I’ve heard people from the northern points of Maine saying there are strangers in town asking if anybody knows anyone with the Corona virus.  Actually, they look at a map of where it is.  As soon as they find a place with no cases, they stop and put down roots.

A few trickling in already, you know there will be hoards in the near future.

Now, I’ve heard that there is a plan afoot.  Not going to say what it is, but if you suddenly hear of thousands and thousands of cases in places like Wyoming, Nebraska, North Dakota and, yes, northern Maine, well, let’s just say that it might be a bit exaggerated…


Yes, the first half is a very old joke.  The second half?

I have heard that people have already started to move to places like northern Maine to escape the virus.  Really.  Hmmm.

Anyway, this was supposed to be a bit of humor, but maybe will become reality… I mean, I have been hearing a lot of little white lies from the top all of the way down, so why not this?

Hope you got a small chuckle, anyway…


Hopping #whatdoyousee


Image provided by Sadje found on Flicker

I heard the sizzle of the air inches in front of my face.  Too close!  I turned.  They were coming up the back side of the hill as well.

The entire landscape around our tiny refuge was scorched to the bare rock, life withering in front of the army of killer bots.

I turned to the Hopper.

“Jim, we need to Hop!  Now!  Get us out of here…”

He stared at me for a moment.  “You know, Sarge,” he said, “it takes a bit of planning to put in the proper coordinates and stuff.  Who knows where we’ll land?  Maybe in “The Day After” as the H-Bombs are going off.”

“I don’t care, just put in a random sequence, any sequence!” Continue reading

The Self Appointed Expert


What you’re doing is wrong
Can’t you see I’m right?
I thought about it all day
And worked on it all night
You think I’m just a noob
That hasn’t got a clue
Let me tell you, mister
I know a lot more than you!
Sure you have experience
And you have an advanced degree
But I know the greatest expert
Is nobody but me!
I heard about it when I was six
About ten years ago
And in those intervening years
I found all there is to know
No, I haven’t really used it
Why do you even ask?
It is beneath me
To take on that silly task
So don’t you keep on chuckling
At all the insults I hurled
Don’t you know I’m the greatest expert
That there is in this great world? Continue reading

The Weekly Smile Week 2 #weeklysmile

Weekly Smile #WeeklySmile

Weekly Smile #WeeklySmile

Hi all and welcome to the second week of The Weekly Smile!  There was a lot to smile about this last week.  I had some good conversations with family members and there were a few birthdays in that area.  In general things went well.  But I have 2 1/2 smiles for this week.

The first is The Weekly Smile itself.  It did much better than I expected.  We had 19 entries!  And there was a lot of going back and forth between people.  That is where it all happens – thinking positive thoughts and writing a post is a good start, but the sharing is where it turns into a great event.  You cane see last week’s smiles here. Continue reading

Plans for World Domination


One of the first rules of blogging is to never compare your blog to anybody else’s blog. You can borrow ideas you like (don’t steal, though), and you can share with them, but never say, “Why do they have 2,000,000 followers while I only have 20?” Everyone is different.

OK, now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, I have to say that during all of the year end stats sharing I noticed that I received views from far fewer countries last year than most of the blogs I follow that have a similar number of followers. Not only that, the number of different countries that the views to my blog came from has decreased by 10% from 2014 to 2015 while the number of actual views increased by 100% (doubled). So where is my International audience? More important, how can I increase that audience? Continue reading

Search Terms


Do you ever look at the search terms people have used to get to your blog? Unfortunately because of privacy you can only see a small sprinkling of them, but it is sometimes fun to dig through.

I’ll admit, even though I said “fun” in the last paragraph, the search terms I see are very, very boring compared to some that I’ve seen others laugh about on their blogs. Yeah, I’m jealous.  Well, not really since i don’t really want my blog to be seen as a psychopath’s hang out.  Having a pysho-writer is bad enough, I don’t need pyscho-readers too.

Most of the search terms I see are very boring. I get a lot for a kayak review I once did. In fact, Google “Jackson Journey 14 review”. Did you notice that the Trent’s World review is in the top 5? There have been times that no matter how I termed it, my review was at the very top of the Google search.  And, funny, I received over a thousand hits for my Kindle review over the first 3 days when I put it out, each search seeming to use a different search term (there are dozens).  After the first few days there have been absolutely zero. Not a single hit.  I literally dug through 50 pages of search results and it wasn’t there.  When I was getting a hit almost every minute I had looked and it was on first page.  Did Amazon complain and get it removed from search results? Continue reading


The Insistance of Prime

While searching for a topic for today’s post I realized that I haven’t complained about my lack of time in quite some time. Yes, I have had posts stating that I was taking a blog slowdown because of lack of time, but no posts were I have actually sat down and whined complained talked about my lack of time. It’s funny, these types of posts used to be a fixture here at Trent’s World and came up with clockwork precision. Oh well, I guess I just haven’t had the time to post one.

It isn’t that I’ve finally found myself rich with time. No, no, I haven’t found that elusive door to step sideways from the stream of time and make it stand still while I did the things I need to do. I still have that same lack of time as I’ve always had. I think it’s because I’ve been too busy to complain. It’s just awful when you’re too busy “doing” to complain that you don’t have enough time to do anything, isn’t it? Continue reading

For the Safety of the Planet


Undetected by the planet below, the fleet moved into position. Each ship could shoot a beam with the equivalent energy of a 10 gigaton thermonuclear device exploding every second. In a matter of minutes the entire planet would be sterilized.

This planet posed a danger to the entire galaxy. The dominant life form was belligerent. They were very hostile and had constant wars amongst themselves. They hated each other for their differences instead of celebrating their common good. Over all, these violent creatures seemed to be emotional and intellectual idiots, yet they had mastered space travel. Soon they’d start populating their own solar system. From there it would be only a matter of time before they’d reach for the stars. It would be easiest to stop the menace while they were still confined to the cradle of their mother planet. Continue reading

No More Turtlenecks! (Until October….)

31 March - Turtleneck (and hat!)

31 March – Turtleneck (and hat!)

It must be spring.  Why?  Because Trent is no longer wearing a turtleneck!

Last October I wrote an post called “Turtleneck Trent“.  In it I talked about my turtlenecks.  You see, I wear a turtleneck almost everyday from sometime in October until sometimes in March.  It’s my signature, even more than the hat.  Occasionally I will go without the hat. Continue reading