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The Foss-McDonald Glacier

You can imagine our delight when we heard a new glacier had been discovered in Dennis Port, Massachusetts, of all places. The exciting part of the find was that a glacier could exist at only 2 meters above sea level so far south. Of course we immediately mounted an expedition to study the Foss-McDonald Glacier.

When we reached the remote location of Dennis Port we asked around for any information. It took us quite a while to locate anyone who had heard of the phenomena.  He told us the glacier grew in the middle of the driveway of a local cottage. The cottage was at the south end of Swan Pond and was the first obstruction to the wind for several kilometers. Of course the native, in his backwards, quaint way, said “a couple of miles” instead of “several kilometers.” Continue reading

“Come Laughing” – Review


OK, I have a couple of confessions to make. First, yes I have read erotica. Second, actually, I really haven’t read a lot of it. What I’ve read has been along the lines of short stories, or a long story divided into short episodes, that are amorous in nature and designed to make the reader want to participate in adult behavior. Since this is a family friendly blog, or at least I pretend it is, I’ll just say that by “adult behavior” I do not mean taking responsibility, paying bills or raising kids. Well, for that last one you could say I mean the initial prerequisite to raising kids, at least if you want them to have your genetic material. But those others, no, by “adult behavior” I meant something else entirely. That is, erotica may be for mature audiences, but they need not be that mature.

I decided to read Alienora Taylor’s book “Come Laughing”, a book that may be described as erotica of a mirthful nature. This book consists of 69 pieces of humor of a sexual bent. I say “pieces” not only because “piece” is a bit of a double entendre, but because the book is comprised of various articles, essays, editorials, flashes of memories, short works of fiction, fantasies and at least one poem. They cover a variety of subjects from sexuality as you age to sex education to, well, just talking about that favorite subject in all of its positions and permutations. Continue reading

Year in Review by Our Flying Monkeys


A word from WordPress’ Flying Monkeys, who were borrowed from Oz for this occasion. And no, they weren’t sent by M-R or anyone else from “Down Under”, we’re talking the “We’re Off to See the Wizard” Oz.  Don’t believe that revisionist “Wicked”, these monkeys mean business, and did their business all over your blog.  But we get ahead of ourselves. Continue reading

The Murder

Rabbit Fur earmuffs

Yesterday as we were sitting on shuttle bus taking us to the next subway station (busy weekend and they’re doing work on the T) my wife turned to me and said, “Some people may think I’m trying to be stylish with these rabbit fur earmuffs, but I brought them to save their lives.”

“Oh?” I responded with my usual witty repartee.

“Yes,” she answered, “I’m 100% positive if I left them Fiyero would have eaten them.” Continue reading

The Poetry Fraud


OK, I’ll admit it. I’m a poetry fraud.

I can see you step back in horror, your hand in a half fist held up with knuckles towards your mouth. “What,” you ask, “are you stealing all of your poems?”

Well, no, I write them.

“Then,” you ask, “do you not mean the words you write? Are you a cold, heartless person masquerading as someone with deep, poetic feelings?” Continue reading