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Start A Journey

This is a day early, but I may not get a chance tomorrow… This post from the 21st of February, 2014, was one of the first posts on my blog and one that I have reblogged in the past, but it seems a little more pertinent today….


Small Step

Take a single step
Like Neil up there on the Moon
No start, no success


I resolve to quit procrastinating and take action! I start tomorrow….

See rest of the original post here


Yeah, that moon was hand drawn :)

A Smile a Day – Day 3 – Fight Song

My niece was was diagnosed with ovarian cancer when she was in her mid 20s.  Yeah, definitely not something to smile about!  She had a long battle only for it to come back a second time.  She is now in remission and hopefully won’t have to deal with it again.  She is obviously sensitive about the subject so it’s not surprising she dug up this video as she can understand the young lady in it better than most.

I love the expressions on their faces, in particular Rachel Platten’s face.  You can tell she cares and is there 100% for the girl, Caly.  It’s an inspirational, makes you feel good about humanity type of thing.   If you have a tear in your eye as you watch, I won’t tell anyone ;)

If you don’t see it, try this link – Video


It Started With a Dream

The Hamlet Symphny - Alt Image

It started with a dream. And a very strange dream it was (*read the dream at the end of the post). It jumped around and didn’t make any sense and yet seemed real. I thought about it as I went through my morning routine. On my drive to work I wrote a little story in my mind based on the dream. By the time I pulled into the parking lot I had it pretty much down. I also realized it was more of a single scene than a standalone story.  i was thinking four, perhaps five, parts.  I took a break from work midway through the morning and cranked it out as fast as I could type. The scene was in my brain, I just had to type it out. I took less than 30 minutes to type and post the more than 1800 words of “The Halley Branch (Part 1)”.

For a few days it continued like this. I would think of the next chapter as I drove to work. Half way through the morning I’d take a half an hour break to write up what I had planned on my drive and post it. After the forth part I realized the story was going to be a lot bigger than originally planned, perhaps book length.

After about the fourth or fifth part I started doing a lot of the writing at home in the evening. Continue reading

Challenge Me! (Again)

Hamlet Symphony - Trent P McDonald

A few years back I followed a music forum.  One cool thing about this forum was the recurring composition challenges.  Everyone would submit a piece of music on a given theme.  The compositions would be posted anonymously.  We would then be given the opportunity to vote on our favorite.  The winner had the honor of creating the theme for the next challenge.

Of all of the challenges I entered and all of the pieces I created for them I liked Challenge 13 and the piece that sits at the top of this post was my favorite.  Obviously I enjoy the more obscure themes that challenge the imagination and force me to expand my boundaries.  To me the simple themes that many of the participants liked were a little boring, musical chewing gum if you will.  Listen to this little country dance Continue reading

Star Child


Created in a cataclysmic cosmic crucible
Supernova seed
Spreading silently through space
Screaming its defiance
To cold entropy
It coalesced in the right place
At the right time
To beat the evil one – Entropy
Supernova seed
That is your origin
That is your destiny
So make your
Supernova ancestor proud
And shine on
Shine brightly
And keep your eye
To the sky

I Want to be a Rock Star!

Trent's studio

Back in the very early days of my blog I wrote a post called “Pruning the Possibilities“.   The idea behind the post was that as we age and see some of our dreams die we should use it for the positive, to put more energy into our remaining dreams.  Here are the last two sentences of the post: If a dream dies don’t let that be an excuse to become depressed.  Make it an opportunity to make another dream come true.

It quickly became one of my more popular posts.  I had a lot of people on Facebook talk about it.  Of course “a lot” is a relative term, as is “popularity”.  At the time I posted it I could count my followers on my fingers and toes and have some to spare.   I was happy with 7 likes and zero comments! Continue reading