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The Weekly Smile for the 6th of June, 2022 #weeklysmile

Hi All! An odd wee for me. There were a lot of negatives – super stressful week at work, outside of the UK the news was all very depressing, there was a seemingly an endless barrage of hate and such coming through social media, etc., etc., etc. Ugh. I think everyone is feeling it for not only have I seen more hate on social media in the last week than ever before, I have also read more messages saying we need to step back and be thankful for all of the good, to keep that positive attitude, to be kind, to continue forward with a smile. I’ll admit that even though I write “The Weekly Smile” every week, it is often difficult to keep that positive attitude, so it was nice seeing all of those positive posts :) Thanks to all of you for posting those notes of positivity and kindness!

(Real quick aside, on the subject of kindness – I have four signs on my lawn, a pair on either side so cars can see from both directions. One of the pair is from our local Lions Club and says “Be Kind” in large letters and then some Lions stuff in smaller letters. The other is that “hate has no home here” sign you see all over. I make the Lions sign more prominent since the other seems to have taken on political ramifications – I want the message seen, not the politics.)

On to the post…

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Weekly Smile Week 12 – #weeklysmile

Weekly Smile #WeeklySmile

Weekly Smile #WeeklySmile

We all have Facebook “friends”, those people who we knew back in our childhood but who took totally different paths in life.  You know, the ones we would never talk to if it weren’t for Facebook, whose feeds and posts we read with a slight cringe.  Yeah, we all have them.  And yet, I’m sure we all also have at least one or two of the others, the real Facebook friends. At first they may seem the same, just another person from our past, but then there is a connection.  We become interested in their lives and care about them.  We look forward to seeing what they are doing, what they are thinking.  This week’s smile is about something that recently happened to one of my friends, a friend who I just happened to reconnect with on Facebook. Continue reading

A Smile a Day – Intro

Dinae and Brady

Yesterday a friend on Facebook put up a post pretty much telling people to stop being such jerks online. This is a person who doesn’t go off the deep-end with political or (exclusive) religious posts. She usually posts very beautiful photography. Even if it’s a spider (one of her favorites), the photos are gorgeous.  She adds beauty to the world, never hate. I put the following up as a comment on her post (I deleted some personal stuff here):

There are days I go in search of the kind, compassionate, loving and beautiful. Despite what we sometimes see on FB and elsewhere, there is much more beauty in the world than ugliness, much more kindness than hate or cruelty. Perhaps we should all make it a goal to make at least one person smile every day.

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