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The Weekly Smile for the 10th of May, 2021 #weeklysmile

Hi! I am going to start this smile with a sad story. We lost our cat Albert last week. You can read here. Albert has not been healthy for literally years, and the last few months… anyway, we already had an appointment to see kittens at a shelter on Saturday, so up we went.

Anyway, here is Alexander.


He is about 8 months old, very sweet and gentle. He quickly got past the barriers we put up (lol) and explored the entire house. Our remain cat, Grace Kelly, has not warmed up yet, but he’s super interested in her. The dogs are super interested in him! But he isn’t ready quite yet…

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The Kitten


There’s a kitten in my lap
A gentle bubble of purrs
Face lifts towards mine
Graceful head
Looks for a rub
Chin Stretched
For a scratch
she seems to say,
When is the puppy
Going to be gone?

Last night I was woken out a deep sleep.  Josie needed to be held and cuddled.  She occasionally lifter her head to glance at the intruder.  Now she’s curled in my lap, acting like there is no intruder – Idina can’t get to my office. At least not yet, but soon she will.

No Josie, no Albert, Idina is here for the long haul ; )

Idina crashed