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Mt. Rushmore of Female Musical Artists

A few days ago, I came across a blog post by Dale that was about Joni Mitchell.  She had chosen Joni as one of four female artists that she’d place on a “Mt. Rushmore” type monument to female musical artists.  I can see that – she would deserve such a spot!  I looked at Dales other posts and saw Carole King (great song writer and performer), Madonna (helped revolutionize pop music – several times) and Dolly Parton (a very talented lady and all-around good person and giving person).

Chatting with Dale in the comments, I wondered out loud who I’d chose for a female musical artist Mt. Rushmore.

It’s not an easy question!

How do you rank artists?  By ones that are my personal favorites?  By those with the biggest impact?  Those who had/have the greatest talent?  The most original?  Those who charted over a period of decades?  Some combination?

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