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A Limerick for Our Times ;)

The Thinker

I often post poems and such in the comment section of other people’s blogs and very rarely repost them on my blog.  Yeah, often it is awful poetry on Chelsea’s Terrible Poetry posts, so I guess I can be excused for not claiming them.  Last week and again today I posted Limerick’s on Esther’s blog.  The more I thought about it, the more I liked one of today’s limericks, so I decided I need to put it here, on my own blog.  You know, take ownership of the bit of silliness…

Oh, in case you were wondering, yes, it is a bit adult in nature, but no named body parts ;)

So here it is, my Limerick for Our Times:

There once was a swinger from Bangalore
Who thought isolation a great big bore
Since sex with a stranger
Puts lives in danger
He couldn’t have fun anymore

I hope this caused a bit of a smile ;)

An Intermission of Questionable Cunning

The Hamlet Symphny - Alt Image

To see a ghost on the ramparts he tread
His father said “avenge the crown from my head!”
But while he thought for a while
Claudius practiced great guile
And in the end they all wound up dead

A limerick? On Hamlet? Really? This is most likely the worst thing I ever wrote about Hamlet!  Hamlet is perhaps my favorite piece of writing of all time.  In my opinion the best thing I ever wrote about Hamlet was written in my music, that is, my Hamlet Symphony Continue reading