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Happy Birthday, Charles Dickens! (Little Dorrit “Challenge”)

Charles Dickens at his Desk in 1858 – This was from Wikimedia and I make no claim to ownership

Today, February 7, is Charles Dickens’ birthday. This an author who needs little or no introduction, being perhaps the most famous 19th century English language author.  Even if they haven’t read a word, everyone knows A Christmas Carol, can quote the opening lines of A Tale of Two Cities and most likely can summarize Oliver Twist.  There are other big name books, like David Copperfield, Bleak House, Great Expectations, etc. 

Dickens is known for some of the most colorful characters created in the English language.  He also pushed for social reform and helped improve the lot of the average British citizen.  He is often thought of as the greatest, most influential British author since William Shakespeare. 

Anyway, the man is well known and well respected.

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