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Songs of Ocean and Moon


Selina could feel the throb of the Ocean pulsing through her long before she could actually make out the roar of the waves.  The beat of the earth’s salty heart made a rhythm with her own, a dance she alone shared with the mighty Sea.

But as she followed her thin shadow across the silvery landscape she realized that another heard his call.  For climbing up behind her, as she neared the westward ledge over the water, was her soul-sister, Moon.  She had a special relationship with Moon.  Sometimes, when no one was watching, Selina danced a slow, sinewy dance with sister Moon.  It was an old dance, a dance that came from her soul, a restless dance of subtle movements far removed from that earthy dance of the pulsating beat of Ocean.  For the flow and ebb of sister moon took weeks to complete, from absence to full and back to nothing again, always changing, always restless but always there.  The music of the Ocean, also restless, pulsed seconds between waves, hours between tides, creating a much quicker, Earthier, lewder dance. Continue reading

When I Think of You


When I think of you
The great balloon of you
Fills up
Pushing all else aside
Inner pressure
Too much
Almost to the breaking point
A chain reaction held in check
And it’s all you
Just you
Only you
Tingling all of my senses
On the verge of a cosmic burst
I feel when it does burst
It will be a multicolour supernova
Heat and passion released
The world filled with visions of you
The universe filled with the heat of the idea of you
But it stays in
The universe pre-Big Bang
Everything in the small space of my brain
Under pressure
When I think of you
All else is gone
When I think of you
Just you
When I think of you

— — — — —

This was an experiment.  What did you think?

The Gate

I love the beach...

He remembered every word she had said as if it were yesterday.  He remembered her young, perfect skin, soft under his gentle caresses, and he remembered the well earned lines on her old face.  He felt her, saw her, heard her and smelt her.  His senses were filled with her presence.

The day he first met her he had found boldness in her eye and introduced himself.  The last day he had found courage in her smile as she had talked to him, comforted him.  He knew their separation wasn’t going to be long, he just had a few last odds and ends to take care of, a few lose strings to tie before he could join her.

“When you cross the river there will be a path up the hill.  At the top, an old fence in an old field.  I’ll be there, at the gate, waiting,” she had said,giving his hand one last squeeze before they parted. Continue reading

Do You Love Me?

While I was working this morning a song came on my IPod, Do You Love Me?  from Fiddler on the Roof.  I’m going to admit something – I can’t hear any music from Fiddler on the Roof without a tear in my eye.  It’s impossible.  This song touches me more than most.  Since it is almost Valentine’s Day, I’ll share this with you.  Oh, the version on my IPod is the original Broadway cast.  I like it better than the movie version, but this is still good:

(Click here if you don’t see the video)

Every One a Star

Blackhole Mind

They enter our lives like a star
They illuminate our souls
But when they’re gone like those stars
They become black holes
Less than void
But so much more
An infinitely heavy nothing
Sucking the light from our core
But look away from the event horizon
Look at those out there
There are people still alive
People who still do care
Look around for those who love you
Look both near and far
For they can bring the light
To your broken heart
Every one a star

To One Unseen ;)

Fast as Light Mind

I stare longingly
Into your soft brown eyes
While you…
They are brown
Aren’t they?
Your eyes, I mean
I mean
Most pictures I see
Of people on your side
Of the world
They have
Brown eyes
Is that stereotyping you?
Am I making assumptions
That should not
Be made?
So, yes,
I stare lovingly into
Your soft eyes
While you…
Is that right?
I’ve been trapped
By eyes not soft
Are yours?
Maybe your pretty eyes?
No, that sounds off
Let’s try
I fall freely
Into the deep wells
Of your eyes
Your silken black hair
Oh, sorry.
Your hair
Let’s see.
How about
I become ensnared
In your beautiful words
Flowing across
The soft glow
Of my screen
They take form
In my mind
And fill my imagination
With pictures of thought
And emotion

It’s been a while since I’ve written an “Online love” poem.  This just came to mind.  I hope you enjoy!

The Elusive – #1000Speak

I love the beach...

I have written and deleted five posts for this month’s 1000 Voices Speak for Compassion. Why? This month’s topic is very simple, love. Love, in many ways is the root of compassion. Without love, people would only help others for selfish reasons. For a person to have real compassion they need to feel for the others, that is they need empathy. But more than that, they need to love the other person. We recognize the shared bond, we understand that we are all brothers and sisters and that our wellbeing depends on the welfare of others. Through this love we can then hold our hand out in compassion. That is how love fits in the equation.

Simple, right? But is it?

We have used the word “love” in so many ways. Some use it to gain power over others or gain a type of “religious street creds”. Other people, with black and white thinking, use it to actually show what they hate. To some it has little meaning beyond “sex”. All of us use it very casually. “I love chocolate/pizza/that song/how you did your hair/snow/summer/autumn leaves/etc.” Continue reading

As You Are – #BeReal

Trent #BeReal

“Love is looking
Beyond the imperfections”
But that’s not right
Now is it?
For with a person
There can be no perfection
Or imperfection
There just “is”
A human’s smile
Is their smile
Their body
Just “is”
Has no meaning
A combination
Of genes
Life experience
Not perfect
Not imperfect
As you are
And that
Is what I love! Continue reading