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Start A Journey

This is a day early, but I may not get a chance tomorrow… This post from the 21st of February, 2014, was one of the first posts on my blog and one that I have reblogged in the past, but it seems a little more pertinent today….


Small Step

Take a single step
Like Neil up there on the Moon
No start, no success


I resolve to quit procrastinating and take action! I start tomorrow….

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Yeah, that moon was hand drawn :)

The Beautiful Stars


I must have been about eight at the time, maybe nine.  I had never left the city farther than some of closer in ‘burbs, and here we were camping in the open in the middle of Montana.  I was so mesmerized by the stars that I couldn’t sleep.  I just lay on my back, staring straight up.

I watched those same stars, eyes wide open.  Only this time they were brighter.  Although I knew the small differences that could be created by position of the planets was totally insignificant compared to the light years that lay between my and those stars, they seemed closer, infinitely closer.

With my first real taste of space from the big sky of Montana’s thin air, I knew that I couldn’t stay in the city forever.  And even the mountains out West were too confined.  I had to explore.  I had to go out There.

And I did.

As I watched the glorious stars, I thought back on how I had pushed myself.  I followed the standard path set up so many years before I was born.  I studied mechanical engineering but got a Masters Degree in Physics.  I went into the Air Force and flew fighter jets.  I became a test pilot.  Finally I was chosen to be an astronaut.

My third trip up was to explore the “dark side” of the Moon.  Of course there is plenty of light, it is just facing away from Earth.

Or there should have been light.

We crashed in the shadows just shy of our destination.  There was no Earth in our sky and no sun, just stars.

I say “our”, but I was the only one to survive.  And that, just barely.

But I am content to wait out these last few hours, unable to move, laying flat on my back, staring at my beautiful stars.

Photos from Ohio – Early June 2017 – Mostly Eagles

Immature eagle flying

I spent a few days in Ohio back in early June.  This is a yearly trip to visit family.  And that’s what most of it was about – visiting.  Of course, part of the visiting where the “eagle hunts” with my father.  We did two of them: one to McGee Marsh and the other, more local to my parents, to Old Woman’s creek.

Even though we saw a lot of the same types of things as usual, there were a few special things.  Some I didn’t notice until I was looking at the photos.

I took quite a few pictures of a great Blue Heron in Lake Erie out at McGee.  Later I discovered that a snapping turtle was right next to the bird.  I can see the  head in almost a dozen photos.  Here is one.  Can you see it? Continue reading

Songs of Ocean and Moon


Selina could feel the throb of the Ocean pulsing through her long before she could actually make out the roar of the waves.  The beat of the earth’s salty heart made a rhythm with her own, a dance she alone shared with the mighty Sea.

But as she followed her thin shadow across the silvery landscape she realized that another heard his call.  For climbing up behind her, as she neared the westward ledge over the water, was her soul-sister, Moon.  She had a special relationship with Moon.  Sometimes, when no one was watching, Selina danced a slow, sinewy dance with sister Moon.  It was an old dance, a dance that came from her soul, a restless dance of subtle movements far removed from that earthy dance of the pulsating beat of Ocean.  For the flow and ebb of sister moon took weeks to complete, from absence to full and back to nothing again, always changing, always restless but always there.  The music of the Ocean, also restless, pulsed seconds between waves, hours between tides, creating a much quicker, Earthier, lewder dance. Continue reading


Blue Moon 31 July 2015

Listen to the wolf.  Do you hear what it’s saying?  Can you hear the loneliness and the longing?  No, really listen.  Do you hear it?  In its howls it is singing a song, a song to the Moon.

The Moon is for wanting.  The Moon is for longing.  The wolf knows.  Look at her up there, so beautiful but always out of reach.  She’s like a long dead lover.  She still tugs on your heart but you can feel no warmth from her touch.  But then, the sun may touch you with his hot fingers, but he can also burn and torture.  You don’t have to worry about being burned by that dead lover, the Moon.

And yet she is so alive, so much in the present, the keeper of time.  Her silver fingers tickle your upturned face, her serene beauty tickles your upturned heart.  She is always there for you, smiling down for you and you alone. Continue reading

If We Were Having Coffee – 8/1/2015

Beatles and Coffee

Beatles and Coffee

Hello and welcome!  Come on in and I’ll get you a nice strong French Roast, some tea or other beverage.  As some of you can tell, I am on Cape Cod this weekend.  In fact, the Beatles’ mugs are making a rare appearance on request from my friend Lisa. Continue reading