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Snowy Owl

I spent a lot of time walking on West Dennis beach last week. It isn’t my favorite beach, but it is very close. I was a bit surprised by the numbers of people walking despite the cool and damp weather, but that was fine – I can share ;)

I always start off at the far eastern point of the beach and turn back at different places depending on my mood. On Wednesday, despite my late start (I worked all day), I decided to walk down to the jetty by the river’s mouth. I had noticed a lot of people in one spot, many with cameras, just a little beyond where I’d turned back the day before and so I decided to investigate.

Yep, there was a snowy owl in the dunes. It was pretty dark by then, but I watched it for a few minutes before it flew off.

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The Weekly Smile 6/3/2019 #weeklysmile


This week I have a good problem – I can’t decided which of two smiles to write about.  Instead of flipping a coin, I’ll do both :)

First Smile :) In an age where huge corporations seem to be taking over everything and focus on profits over people, there are some places the small guys are making inroads.  I may talk about micro-breweries later, but today I want to talk about small farms, and CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture) in particular.  My town, Wilton, NH, is one of the two places that started the CSA movement back int eh 1980s.

I’ve joined different farms in the past, and did again this year for the first time in a while.  Tuesday was the first delivery. Continue reading