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The Haunting

Snow Flower

In a movie
The past was a beautiful maiden
As young as spring
While future wore
The visage of death
A natural thought
In our march from cradle to grave
But is it right?
Isn’t the past now dead
The future the place of renewal?
When the dead past haunts
The living present
Where will our futures
Lead us?

The mood is neither dark nor hopeful.  This is just a question, a thought, as the past is remembered and the future pondered.  But I am in the now as I think about it.  For a moment,it collapses to the present and I am just me, here, neither good nor bad, I just am.

And you, what do you think?

Selfie – Paris 2002

Selfie - Paris 2002

It was in the darkest days after the 2001 terror attacks on New York and Washington. People didn’t want to fly so the airlines lowered their prices to entice customers. I did a little research and found that the exchange rate between the Franc and the Dollar worked in our favor. A little more research and I was able to find a nice hotel in the heart of Paris for less than $75 a night.

We had been in Paris in April 2001 and I had fallen in love with the city. I had longed to go back since my foot entered the outbound plane at CDG. Not being a jet setter I figured it would be quite a few years and I was heart sick. But just maybe….

Let’s see: cheap airline tickets, cheap lodging, great exchange rate, and Paris. This was a no brainer Continue reading