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In the 80s

Expectations, or when drunken girls turn nerds into heroes….

I was reading a post by Lisa on “Zen and Pi” when an ancient memory came back, one I haven’t thought of, mostly likely since it happened all of those years ago.  First, I want to say that I don’t want to downplay her (Lisa’s) serious post with this bit of silliness, but there was something in there that brought this up.

One weekend night during my Senior year of college, one of my roommates and I went out drinking.  This was Ohio State, so this was a very big past-time 😉 All of the nightclubs were off of the southeast corner, while we lived off of the northeast corner of campus.  This is a huge campus…

We were both Introverts.  I don’t know about other college age Introverts, but back then I often had trouble going to clubs, though I did it all of the time.  The sensory overload makes my brain turn off.  I see all of the excitement around me and want to join, but don’t know where to start.  Back then it too often ended up with one or two too many beers.  No, I wouldn’t get sick or falling down drunk or anything like that (not often), but I might be a little more than just slightly tipsy. Continue reading

Every One a Star

Blackhole Mind

They enter our lives like a star
They illuminate our souls
But when they’re gone like those stars
They become black holes
Less than void
But so much more
An infinitely heavy nothing
Sucking the light from our core
But look away from the event horizon
Look at those out there
There are people still alive
People who still do care
Look around for those who love you
Look both near and far
For they can bring the light
To your broken heart
Every one a star

A Smile a Day – Day 17 – The World!


This week I had a visit from a new country.  No, not a country that just came into existence.  I mean, I got a visit that WP shows came from a country from which I have not had a previous visit.  Hmmm, did that come out right?  Anyway, it was Mongolia.  I usually use Mongolia as an example of someplace that is relatively inaccessible, like the data that is replicating across 2500 servers in 180 countries I might say, “So, it will most likely be available in DC before, say, Outer Mongolia, right?”  I do not mean any disrespect for that country, just that it isn’t as accessible to me as Canada or France.  And yet it is.  It is just a click away and someone from there did click and landed here, in “Trent’s World”. Continue reading

The Green Forest of Friends


Like an astronaut
A separate satellite
Orbiting the world
Just a thin sheet
Between me
And the void
A speck of dust
A dot
But you see through that, don’t you?
You see the green forest of friends
Many lives interconnected
So you can’t tell were one begins and one ends
Each an organic part of the whole


Phone photos taken out of my home-office window.