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Video – Piano Sonata in g minor, 1st Movement

Piano keyboard

First, here is the video:

(Click here if you don’t see the video below)

Years ago I studied classical composition.  After fiddling about for a year or so, I took lessons with an established composer.  As part of my lessons I wrote a little “classical sonata”.  It was more or less in a Mozart style, though perhaps it was closer to Clementi.  If you don’t know Clementi, look him up!    Although there are shining moments on this “sonatina”, I wasn’t satisfied. Continue reading

A Smile a Day – Day 15 – Beethoven


When I started my deep study of music I had CDs from over a dozen different 20th century composers.  I had over a dozen CDs by JS Bach.  I had over a dozen CDs from Medieval and Renaissance time periods.  I had zero, none, not a single Beethoven CD.  In the rock world in which I grew up Beethoven was the greatest villain.  That’s really odd because he was a rebel in so many ways.  He lived the rock and roll spirit in so many ways.

I did several deep study’s of the music of Ludwig van Beethoven.  The last time I spent months going over his string quartets one note at a time.  I poured over the scores to the symphonies.  I ate the piano sonatas for breakfast.  I went out and tried to find ever last scrap of music he created, published, or like many, never published in his life time.  There is no doubt he was the greatest master of all times, even beating out my favorite, Bach.  Continue reading

A Halloween Ditty


Years ago I wrote a little Halloween ditty.  It was just a quick hack job, but it came out OK.    Of course, in best Liszt tradition, I incorporated the Dies irae.  Shortly after I wrote it I wrote the first movement of a sonata that used a similar theme.  I now have a hard time listening to this because it sounds like a ghost of the much better piece.  Here is the original Halloween music: Continue reading

Careful What You Wish For – Prelude to Sonata

The Sonata Engine

I was only a little way through my series of 24 preludes when I was forced to take a bit of an unintentional detour.  I had been posting each newly minted prelude to a music forum I was following at the time. When I posted my Prelude 6 in c# minor it quickly became a forum favorite.  Everyone suggested that I stretch it out into a longer form.  At first I resisted but I finally turned my 45 second prelude into a piece of music over six and a half minutes long.  I called it “Careful What You Wish For” and posted it back to the forum Continue reading

A Matter of Timing

Trent on trumpet - phot by Trent P McDonald“Ha!  That sounds so ‘Trent’!  It’s like whenever you play fast runs you get excited and speed up.  Relax.  Stay in the groove.  Flow with it.”  She was right, I’m rhythmically impaired.  Since my college days when Teresa made that observation, I’ve worked hard to bring it under control.  I’ve used a metronome, improvised over wildly diverse music and often scat to anything with a constant beat.  I’ve vastly improved but still tend to accelerate on fast parts. Continue reading