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Owl #tanka #tankatuesday

Large eyes takes all in
Swift silent shadow soars by
Shrouded in secrets
Who is night’s mystery bird
And is he really so wise?


This was written for Colleen’s Tank Tuesday syllabic poetry challenge. I haven’t participated in ages… This week we were to take a quiz to give us our “spirit animal” and then write a poem about the animal. Mine was the owl. The only photos I had handy were of the snowy owl I saw last year, but it will do… I went easy and stayed with a tanka.


Orange (Day of the Dead ;) #tanka #TastetheRainbow

Drying leaves under foot
Early sunset sears the sky
Pumpkins by the door
Bright orange seems to speak of life
It is the color of death


Written for Colleen’s syllabic poetry challenge. This week the challenge is “Taste the Rainbow” and the poem should have a color theme, be about a color, feature a color, describe a color or have something to do with a color. I chose orange and wrote a tanka.. The Day of the Dead is November 2 and Halloween is Oct 31, so today is the day between. My poem, of course, can be the Day of the Dead, or Halloween or both. It is the transition to late autumn and the color that seems to represent that transition, orange. I hope you enjoyed! (Photo at the top is part of the show the Mexican contingent put on for the Edinburgh Military Tattoo and represents the Day of the Dead. Below is a pencil drawing that I did ages ago, colorized (by hand) on the computer.)

Space and Time #darkfibs

distant worlds
rocket to the moon
leaving the lonely Earth behind
my world dissolves into vacuum when you are not here


can life be out there
Earth alone in thee universe
is this the one oasis or is it the desert


This was written for Colleen’s weekly poetry challenge. This week were were to create our own syllabic poetry form. I call mine the “Dark Fib”. It is based on the Fibonacci numbers (sequence), taking the first eight numbers as so: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13. The “zero” is to be a symbol or punctuation mark that defines the poem. The next six lines should be about math, science (i.e. here it is space) or technology. The last line is 13, unlucky, so should be a dark statement about love, life, etc., that is something more down to Earth, more human. It just needs to be dark. The above is two different poems of the form, but somewhat connected in these.

Your One-way Portal #doublenonet

Image from pixbay.com by artist “Pretty Sleepy.”

the bejeweled future does beckon
visions of possibilities
but it is a one-way door
open, you can’t go back
point of no return
step towards death
dead end
move forward
open that door
seek what is beyond
there is no other way
it is the past that is dead
create your possibilities
the bejeweled future does beckon


This was written for Colleen’s weekly poetry challenge. This week the poem’s form was poet’s choice, but a photo prompt was provided by Diana Peach. It was found on pixbay.com and was created by Pretty sleepy.” I chose to do a double-nonet due to the time nature of the image and resulting poem.

Winter Snow haiku senryu

strike of a new year
radiant white and unformed
the future unfolds


blank white page
waiting for our mark
let’s explore


This was written for Colleen’s weekly poetry challenge.  This week the form was poet’s choice, but we were also supposed to choose a color.  I chose white and two haiku-like poems (a haiku and a senryu) of form 5-7-5 and 3-5-3 (verified at sodacoffee.com/syllables).  I am also going to join Rebecca today.  I chose my own photo.  I’m not 100% sure if this really counts as a haiga, but hopefully it will work :)

Cinnamon and Cider #tanka

sparkle of bright lights
nutmeg and spice fill the air
a taste of fine wine
a golden glow doesn’t dull
but paints the memory sharp


This was written for Colleen’s poetry challenge. Today we were supposed to write on the theme of “Festive”. Going through my photos, I saw this one of a bottle of wine I have had for 20 years that helped make last Christmas festive, despite it being a lock-down holiday ;)

Trumpet Skies Descend #cinquain #butterflycinquain

distant voices call
golden tones play purple
birds unseen are heard in distance
embers grow soft, oboe to flute
the somber sky descends
heavy eyelids


This was written for Colleen’s weekly poetry challenge. Today was a choice between synonyms only and writing a butterfly cinquain with a color word included. I chose the later. I’ll let you decide on the meaning ;)

I Will Be There… Etheree

Hole up
Hide if you can
And I will find you
No cover good enough
No place far enough away
No camouflage clever enough
No refuge can protect you enough
For I am coming and there is no escape


This was written for Colleen’s weekly Poetry Challenge. This week was poet’s choice. I chose an etheree.

Grace (the cat) had been trying to avoid Tiberius (the kitten). Ha ha ha ha, what was she thinking? ;) He will find you. He will be there…

Expedition #senryu

setting out
explore the unknown
find her heart


This was written for Colleen’s weekly poetry challenge. This week we were to write a poem on a theme. the theme was “expedition”. I chose a senryu.

For those who don’t know, a senryu shares the form of a haiku, but is about human foibles, love, awkward moments, etc. There should be some humor, sarcasm and/or irony present. This is all condensed from Collen’s “cheat sheet” :)

(I’ll admit, I drew a complete blank this week….)