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POV – Beyond Sight, Sound and Action

Youth Gathering

I recently posted a short story, From the Sounds of Silence to the Wall of Sound. In the story a teenage girl, Deb, found herself on a couch next to her church’s youth coordinator’s five year old son, Terrance. Scott Fleming made some teasing remark about the boy. He was seated on the floor leaning on Janice Rodger’s legs, looking at Deb and smirking. He then pointing out that Deb’s love life was less than stellar. Janice laughed. Deb used to have a crush on Scott but he could be such a jerk. As much to spite Scott as anything else, she flirted with the little boy. It was all in fun and he really was adorable, yet Deb was surprised at how good having little Terrance snuggled up against her made her feel. At 16 she was now an adult and didn’t need to be babied, but she still secretly liked to be cuddled, a need that really wasn’t getting met. She didn’t want anyone in her family to touch her and even if she had a boyfriend to cuddle, he would most likely interpret it as a desire for sex. With Terrance it was different, more innocent. She both thrilled in and ignored the warm feeling spreading through her body when she saw the look of adoration on Terrance’s cute young face. If only Larry McAlister looked at her like that. She paused a moment then thought, “or even if Scott did”.

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