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Poetry and Prose – A Divergence?

Mt. Lafayette

Mt. Lafayette after starting down the ridge

Two paths either diverge or collide, I haven’t decided which…

Early in the history in my blog I decided to post a poem every Tuesday.  This was my first regular feature and the only one that has lasted.  In the past several weeks I’ve occasionally gone back and read a poem or two or five.  I am not a great poet, but I do enjoy many of them.

People who have been reading my blog recently might know that I am in the middle of a writing streak.  I’ve been posting quite a few stories, have been posting a serialized novel and have been editing two other books off line. My prose writing is full-steam ahead.

OK, here is where it all goes wrong. Continue reading

A Poem for Prose


You will never find
A great dusty tome
Leather bound and fragrant
On whose spine is written
 “The Complete Poems of Trent”
No university class
Will teach my verse
No students
Hanging on every word
For I am not a poet
I pretend not to be one
I am not a poet
Yet I fill the page with lines
Flowing from my pen
Hopefully flowering with words
And meaning
I write stanza and verse
Rhythm and rhyme
I am not a poet Continue reading