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Weekly Smile Week 8 #weeklysmile

Weekly Smile #WeeklySmile

Weekly Smile #WeeklySmile

At the last minute I decided to change my smile.  I’m sorry, but today’s smile will be bitter sweet.

I haven’t posted in a few days and so, of course, I’ve been having few views.  Half way through the day I noticed a spike.  Curious I looked and someone had gone through the pictures of my last Boxer, Elliot Carter McDonald (yes, he was named after the famous American composer who was still living when Elliot was born).  I didn’t think anything of it, people do pick up old posts.  Only later I saw someone had gone back and looked more.  They also looked at some other puppy posts, like of baby Idina and baby Fiyero.  But it was mostly Elliot.  Spread out over 5 hours someone kept coming back and looking.  Some of the early puppy pictures were viewed 14 times.  All in all, I had half again as many views as my previous top viewing day, and it was all one person.

I couldn’t resist.  I had to go and look.  So I went through the pictures one at a time.  I wrote a narrative along with the pictures.  The each have a sentence or two about him.  The post was a memorial.  So I read all of the words and remembered.  For a while last night I had a large smile on my face while I had a tear in my eye.  OK, not one tear, but many.  Elliot had an oversized personality and was in many way like a child.  His end came far too early and way too sudden.  But this morning I will continue to remember him and keep with the smile part. Continue reading

The Kitten


There’s a kitten in my lap
A gentle bubble of purrs
Face lifts towards mine
Graceful head
Looks for a rub
Chin Stretched
For a scratch
she seems to say,
When is the puppy
Going to be gone?

Last night I was woken out a deep sleep.  Josie needed to be held and cuddled.  She occasionally lifter her head to glance at the intruder.  Now she’s curled in my lap, acting like there is no intruder – Idina can’t get to my office. At least not yet, but soon she will.

No Josie, no Albert, Idina is here for the long haul ; )

Idina crashed

Idina – New Puppy, New Photos

It was, very cold.  The wind was howling.  It would have been a great day to hang out at home, but we drove a little over an hour to Kittery, Maine.  After waiting in a deserted parking lot for almost an hour a truck with a trailer pulls up.  It was almost midnight.  People walk out of the four cars and trucks that were in the parking lot, walk to the far side of the truck, out of sight.  They emerge with something tucked in their arms and hurry out of the cold to the waiting warmth of their vehicles.

What was the man in the truck dealing?  Some nasty drug? Continue reading

More Puppy Pictures

OK, I’m a proud new father and have plenty of puppy pictures.  Here are three out of literally 500+ I’ve taken since he’s been home.

I’ve been straight out busy and am traveling.  I haven’t had a chance to come up with my “normal” posts.  Maybe the end of next week.