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Final Word on Pushup Challenge (I Promise)

OK, I mentioned the pushup challenge on several posts, including using that it is finally over as my Weekly Smile, but I really haven’t talked about it. What was it, how did I get into it, what were my experiences and what are my final thoughts? Well, if you were curious…

About a month ago my brother tagged me on FaceBook for the challenge. It was to do 25 pushups every day for 25 days, video it, and post on FaceBook with a little blurb about PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). I was also supposed to tag someone every day, but, just NO.

I’m in pretty good shape. I have been very consistent in my exercise routine through 2020, including a full body weight training that I do at least twice a week. I almost never do pushups, but it should not have been hard, right?

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