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Does Size Matter (Short Story Questions)


As many of you know, I have been going through my short stories, both those that I have posted here (over 110!) and those I haven’t (only looking at a handful of these) to pick out the best for a collection of short stories I want to self-publish.    I’ve also been doing a little research into it.  Instead of clarifying it, the research seems to muddy the waters.  So, keeping in mind I am going to do with it what I want to do, I’d like to ask you a few questions.

Size is an important issue, both in the length of the book and the stories themselves. Continue reading

Some Answers – Not an Award Acceptance

My Book

Trent’s World is an awards free blog. I never accept “awards”. After I had a few I did answer some of the questions circulating at the time, but haven’t felt the need to since then.

Until now.

Well, sort of. Y Prior over at In the Zone nominated me for the Liebster. I’m not accepting, but I did say I might answer some or all of the questions. Since I just returned and have absolutely zero to write about, I think today is the day. Most of the questions are about books, so close enough to one of the main themes of my blog. So here goes. Continue reading

If You Knew My Heart

Dinner Guest

If you knew my heart
Would it be love?
If you read my mind
Would it be you?
If you saw the future
Would I stay true?

Connected as one
An open book
You can read me
With only a look
Forever and now
I’m at your call
Forever and now
I’ll give you my all

If I knew your heart
Would it be love?
If I read your mind
Would it be me?
Can I shape the future
And cause it to be?

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