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A Review of 2017

The end of the year and the new year’s celebration are often a time of reflection.  Strangely, I haven’t been doing much this year.  But now that I sit down and force myself to think about my life in 2017, it is pretty interesting.

Since I bought the cottage on Cape Cod I haven’t been traveling much.  I can’t afford to!  And yet when I look back…  In 2017 I visited family in Ohio and Maine.  I had a business trip to DC.  I also spent some time in Colorado.  I love mountains :)  Of course i spent a huge amount of time on Cape Cod. Continue reading



Looking back
Where I have been
Looking forward to
Where I will go
The short cold days
The long dark nights
Cause reflection
Looking into the gathering light
Of a new year
I ask
How can I make the best of this
Newborn time
How can I be a better person
In the coming year?

Happy New Year!

Weekly Smile Week 7 #weeklysmile

Weekly Smile #WeeklySmile

Weekly Smile #WeeklySmile

This has been a weird week.  There was unseasonably warm weather and unseasonably cold weather, perhaps the coldest in the last several years!  There has been snow, rain and freezing mist.  Oh yes, and a bit of sunshine.  I have been very busy at work and home.  I haven’t had time to think and my blog posts show it – very quick posts that were simple and easy to put together. Continue reading

And Then the World Changed


I was sitting in the backyard of my vacation house in the late evening. I had a boxer puppy in my lap chewing on a stick while I thought up the plot of a short story. Without thinking I would throw a toy and the puppy would run, grab it and bring it back to my lap to chew. It was pleasantly warm, a breeze coming off of the nearby saltwater pond, an early summer evening like any other.

And then the world changed. Continue reading


Our Boxer checking out the gifts - Photo by Trent P McDonald

Yesterday I picked up my light Sunday reading, the NY Times, the Boston Globe and the Manchester Union Leader, and started in on the important pages.  You know, the comics.  Anyway, reading the important pages first I noticed something interesting: quite a few of the comics dealt with the remembrances of Christmases past.  This reminded me that Christmas is the holiday of nostalgia. Continue reading