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Seeing Colors (Part II)

A couple of weeks ago I put up a post about some women who can see more colors than the rest of us. Taking a hint from an article about an artist with this condition, tetrachrome, I wanted to show that by training your eye most people can see a far wider range of colors than they believed. I used some tree trunks with subtly tonal variation to show my point.

Looking at all of the color around, subtle and not so subtle, I decided to do the experiment again. Continue reading

Seeing Colors

I would define a visual artist as one who knows how to see.    If you can legibly write this sentence with pen and paper then you have the fine motor skills to be a de Vinci.  What Leonardo had is the ability to understand what he was seeing.

One simple method to help people see is to abstract objects to simple rectangles, circles, triangles, etc.  Most people can draw those, so if you start there and slowly refine your drawing you can eventually learn to see the shapes.

So how about color? Continue reading