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A Sketch

I talked to you again
We said just a few words

A few lines
A quick stroke
A gesture

I made a joke
It fell flat
You laughed
At the joke
Or me?

A few lines
A quick stroke
A gesture

I feel I know you
Do you know me?
Time has been short
Just snatches of conversation

A few lines
A quick stroke
A gesture

Do we ever
Truly know anybody?
Can we ever paint that portrait
Or is it always a sketch?

A few lines
A quick stroke
A gesture


OK, I wanted to write something, so was looking through old images. This was just a real quick sketched I made when creating the self-portrait for my blog. I looked at it and said those repeated lines above. OK, so I need to make a poem using those lines… And that is one of the weird ways my mind works ;)

Planned Work Slowdown


The freezing rain stopped and mist was rising off of the parking lot in dragon fire tendrils.  I was doing my after-lunch laps, a routine I’ve had for most of my working life.  I’ve written at least three blog posts about the fact that I do a lot of my thinking and creative work while walking and my post-lunch walk is one of those times I let my brain have free rein.  Well, yesterday I was thinking.  That is always dangerous, me and thinking, but this time it might actually be pulling back from danger.  I decided I’m going to take a blog slowdown.  I won’t shut it down completely and I’ll still read a few posts, particularly when I really can’t do anything else, but I’ll slow down. Continue reading

Selfie – Paris 2002

Selfie - Paris 2002

It was in the darkest days after the 2001 terror attacks on New York and Washington. People didn’t want to fly so the airlines lowered their prices to entice customers. I did a little research and found that the exchange rate between the Franc and the Dollar worked in our favor. A little more research and I was able to find a nice hotel in the heart of Paris for less than $75 a night.

We had been in Paris in April 2001 and I had fallen in love with the city. I had longed to go back since my foot entered the outbound plane at CDG. Not being a jet setter I figured it would be quite a few years and I was heart sick. But just maybe….

Let’s see: cheap airline tickets, cheap lodging, great exchange rate, and Paris. This was a no brainer Continue reading

Demo – New “Hybrid” Self-Portrait

For my “First Monday Image” I was going to try something a little different. I had planned on showing a step-by-step example from idea to finished product of one of my little drawing-computer painting hybrids. This process usually takes between one and two hours. The problem is I could not think of anything to draw so I decided to do a self-portrait. Well, that changed everything.

Continue reading