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A Question of Short Stories

I like to write short stories.  I guess you can tell since I write quite a few of them, perhaps an average of two a week, if we count the 100 word Friday Fictioneers stories.  Sure, 90% of the stories I write and post here are very 1-dimensional “flash fiction” stories.  They are quickly written, very short and have very little meat as far as characterization, plot depth, sub-plots, etc.  That doesn’t mean I can’t take them and flesh them out.

Back at the beginning of the year I self-published my first book, Seasons of Imagination.  It is a collection of short stories.  All but 4 had been “published” in some form on my blog, but they were all also greatly revised before making it to print.  That is, what I posted on my blog was little more than a first/rough draft while I went through at least five more drafts in the nine months between the time I made the final decision on which stories to include in the book and when I clicked “publish”. (FYI – After deciding on the stories, I deleted them off of my blog)

Since the cutoff date back for stories to include in Seasons of Imagination at the beginning of April in 2016, I have written some of my favorite works of short fiction.  I think my writing has grown.  I hope so, at any rate! Continue reading

Release Party! (Seasons of Imagination is Out!)


Thank you all for joining me today for this celebration of my first book, Seasons of Imagination, being released.  I know this was an impromptu gathering, though you can’t say I didn’t give you hints it was coming up.  Sorry about that bump in the red carpet that I just couldn’t flatten out.  I hope not too many of you twisted your ankle or anything.  You just need to be careful..

Be careful!  Careful!!! CAREFUL!!!


Of course the person bringing in the cake had to be the one who tripped.  Sorry, I do still have some left over hors d’oeuvre from yesterday’s Cover Reveal, so help yourself.  I hope they’re not stale. Continue reading