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Looking back
Where I have been
Looking forward to
Where I will go
The short cold days
The long dark nights
Cause reflection
Looking into the gathering light
Of a new year
I ask
How can I make the best of this
Newborn time
How can I be a better person
In the coming year?

Happy New Year!

Weekly Smile Week 7 #weeklysmile

Weekly Smile #WeeklySmile

Weekly Smile #WeeklySmile

This has been a weird week.  There was unseasonably warm weather and unseasonably cold weather, perhaps the coldest in the last several years!  There has been snow, rain and freezing mist.  Oh yes, and a bit of sunshine.  I have been very busy at work and home.  I haven’t had time to think and my blog posts show it – very quick posts that were simple and easy to put together. Continue reading

I am

Trent Grin

I am
A pioneer to nowhere
On the cutting edge that passed by
I forge my own path
Even if it’s a well-worn trail

I am
An experimenter in sound
And maker of noise
From creating new classical
To the latest old-school toys

I am
A Wordsmith, bending and shaping
Nouns to swords, verbs to ploughshares
Sowing the air with ideas
A creator of worlds

I am
A manipulator of light
Collecting it with a lens
Changing it with pencils, computer and pens
A recorder, creator of art for sight

I am
A child on a globe-sized playground
Beach, mountain, city and farm
The world is there to be explored
To wonder at and to experience Continue reading

Planned Work Slowdown


The freezing rain stopped and mist was rising off of the parking lot in dragon fire tendrils.  I was doing my after-lunch laps, a routine I’ve had for most of my working life.  I’ve written at least three blog posts about the fact that I do a lot of my thinking and creative work while walking and my post-lunch walk is one of those times I let my brain have free rein.  Well, yesterday I was thinking.  That is always dangerous, me and thinking, but this time it might actually be pulling back from danger.  I decided I’m going to take a blog slowdown.  I won’t shut it down completely and I’ll still read a few posts, particularly when I really can’t do anything else, but I’ll slow down. Continue reading

The Self-Aware Journey


There is an eight mile stretch on my daily commute that has over 25 traffic lights.  In the afternoon you WILL be stopped by at least 2/3 of the lights. You can usually tell pretty much as soon as your light turns green if you’ll have to stop at the next, but you need to always watch for the quick, unexpected red light.  The traffic is pretty heavy, though there is little chance it will become gridlock – usually when the light turns green all cars will make it through before it turns red again, even if somebody in the line is very slow. It’s also impossible to get ahead.  If you run a light you’ll be stopped at the next and the people around you will catch up.

Every day I see a lot of people jam on the accelerator as hard as they can even though they can plainly see the stopped cars in front of them.  Then they stomp on their breaks and come to shaky halt an inch from the car in front of them as if taken by complete surprise.  They burn more petrol costing them, put wear and tear on the engine and breaks which it will eventually make it more expensive to maintain the car, and they greatly increased the likelihood of being in an accidental.  They get angry and make those around them angry. By cutting people off, they often cause others harm. And for all of this what did they gain? Absolutely zero.  Not a nanosecond. Continue reading

And Then the World Changed


I was sitting in the backyard of my vacation house in the late evening. I had a boxer puppy in my lap chewing on a stick while I thought up the plot of a short story. Without thinking I would throw a toy and the puppy would run, grab it and bring it back to my lap to chew. It was pleasantly warm, a breeze coming off of the nearby saltwater pond, an early summer evening like any other.

And then the world changed. Continue reading