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I Want Your Smile #weeklysmile 68 Reminder

Weekly Smile #WeeklySmile

Weekly Smile #WeeklySmile

I had something planned for this reminder, but then I read a story on BBC.  I want to backtrack for a second.  A little while ago I posted a story that had an enchanter named “Tim”.  As any self respecting nerd knows, I took that name from Monty Pythons.  Why is “Tim the Enchanter” such a funny name?  I don’t know, but it is hilarious.

A second aside.  What do you call junk e-mail?  Do you know why?  Again, from Monty Pythons.  The “spam” skit repeats the word “spam” over and over, just like the spam emails.  “Spam, spam, spam, spam, Spam spam spam spam, Spam! Wonderful Spam!”  Who first called it that?  I have no idea, but it stuck! (You know you are a real nerd if you sang along when I printed the “spam song.” ;) )

OK, back to my story.  Sorry, not the story I wrote, but the story for this post.  Uhm, back to the story I read on BBC.  OK, that’s better. Continue reading

Season’s First Turtleneck!


I have written that I wear turtlenecks pretty much from October to April.  When I say that, I mean almost exclusively turtlenecks.  Have you noticed that even though I post a lot of pictures from the beach or from a kayak almost all of my selfies have me wearing a turtleneck?  I even wrote post about it.  Last year, on Tax Day (April 15), I wrote about the last turtleneck of the season.  Well, today I wore my first for this season!  Sure, it is very possible I will wear something else coming up in the next few weeks.  In fact, I see warmer weather on the horizon.  However, from now until the end of March I guarantee that if you catch me at random it is more likely that I’ll have a turtleneck on than not!  OK, at random means when I am awake and dressed.  Smarty.   So it must be officially mid to late autumn – Trent is wearing a turtleneck!



In case you haven’t heard
I’m just a huge stats nerd
I like counting the views
And I hope for good news
But there is one thing I hate
In the last 24 hours the number is 8
— — —

Yeah, I’m away and haven’t posted much, but 8 views in almost 36 hours.  Sigh.  That’s the problem with being a stats nerd ;)



The Vortex

Blackhole Mind

Trent was in his second floor study staring at a blank screen.  Not quite blank, for he had brought up a picture for inspiration.  After a moment’s hesitation his fingers began to fly across the keyboard.  Many of his short stories were created in a similar fashion, looking at a blank screen pushing thoughts and ideas through his mind waiting for something to stick.  Usually something did come up and a story would write itself.

After a few minutes Trent stopped and frowned.  The story was too stiff, too clichéd.  Perhaps a rewrite would fix it.  He deleted the story and started again.  Nope, not right, so he did it again.  Then again. No, it just didn’t work, the story was horrid.  It was a cool picture, but no good ideas were emanating from it.  He had posted forced ideas in the past, but most of the time after the initial spark the story would grow organically, taking a life of its own.  Not this time.  It seemed like his mind was caught in some type of vortex, swirling around without hitting any real point. Continue reading

Throwback Thursday – 2 years!

2 years

Last night I received notice that I had signed up for Word Press exactly two years ago.  Yes, this is my two year blogiversary!  Two years ago I had no idea what this thing called “blogging” was all about.  I knew I needed to do it, but that was about it.  Of course this makes my very first post even more ironic. The first post was to be taken very much tongue-in-cheek and was supposed to be a humorous beginning.  A few friends saw it, but few others.  So, here it is, in it’s unedited glory, the very first post on Trent’s World, the Blog!

How I (Almost) Invented the Blog

(As my inaugural WordPress blog I thought it would be appropriate to write about – How I (Almost) Invented the Blog)

I bet you didn’t know I invented a lot of devices in everyday use and quite a few trends and fashions.  It’s true.  I’m not famous now because I never followed through on any of my great ideas.  Sometime down the road I would see something I thought of and say, “Wow, if only…”  I’ll give you a few examples, mostly from my younger days. Continue reading