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Weekly Smile 52 – A Year with #weeklysmile

Weekly Smile #WeeklySmile

Weekly Smile #WeeklySmile

Back in 2015 a friend of mine had a small rant on Facebook about negative people.  She believed we should concentrate on the positive and the beautiful.  This is a photographer who sees beauty everywhere, including jumping spiders, a favorite subject of hers.  I wrote as a comment:

“There are days I go in search of the kind, compassionate, loving and beautiful. Despite what we sometimes see on the news, FB and elsewhere, there is much more beauty in the world than ugliness, much more kindness than hate or cruelty. Perhaps we should all have a goal to make at least one person smile every day.”

After writing that, I decided to put my money where my mouth (and smile) was and did a Smile a Day for the month of December 2015.This was a little harder than I expected!  yes, I do smile every day, ev3n the worst ones, but what do I write about?  So I decided to make it a weekly event, The Weekly Smile #weekltsmile.  In 2016 I posted at least one “Smile” every week.  Many weeks I posted two and a few weeks three.  Here is a link to all of the “Named Smiles“, over 90 of them. Continue reading

A Smile a Day – Day 28 – Cold-water Kayaking


So I go up this morning and for once there was no snow, rain or drizzle.  There was also very little wind.  It was a little cooler than it’s been, but not frigid.  What would any normal person do on before 8 AM on January 1?  Go kayaking, of course!

It was a pretty short paddle.  One problem is there were several duck hunters about and I didn’t want to get too close to them.  And then it did turn breezy, though still relatively calm.  So I was out for maybe 45 minutes.  I got back, changed, and wen to the beach for a while to unwind.  So now, after all of that, breakfast lunch, several dog walks, etc., it is time to sit for 5 minutes at the computer before I go outside again.  Life’s too short to stay indoors!

So today’s smile is about kayaking on January 1st.  I’m going to try to get in the water once every month in 2016 but won’t be too disappointed if I don’t – at least I started off right!

A Smile A Day – Day 27 – Reflection

Swans in Mill Pond, Milford, MA

It’s that time of year again.  We all sit and look back at what the previous year brought us.  We look at what we achieved and where we failed.  We look at the good and bad.  New friends and the passing of friends and family.  We take stock in where we have been and we we are.

Over all 2015 was good to me.  I visited with family and made new friends.  Many of the friends I made are right here, in blogland, the blogsphere, or whatever this is called.  My job went well and I was in good health through most of the year.So all in all, a very good year.  Sometimes we do need to look back with rose-tinted glasses and concentrate on the good, but this is a time I don’t have to.

So I look back and smile.  Thank all of you for helping with that smile : )  I hope you’re smiling too.  Happy New Year!

A Smile a Day – Day 26 – Coffee on the Beach


Yesterday started off with snow.  And then came the cold rain.  All day.  Miserable.  Wet. Cold.  Needless to say, I did not spend much time outside yesterday, preferring the relative warmth of the cottage.

Today is not the greatest day weather-wise.  It was cool and damp.  But anything would beat yesterday!  So I went out for a long walk on the beach, travel mug of coffee in hand.  And it was great!  Sure I ended up wading in the cold water, but who cares?  Pneumonia is temporary, memories last a lifetime ;)  I do so love walking on the beach no matter the time of year.  Laying in the sun on the beach?  Boring.  Walking?  That is for me!  Just thinking of this morning’s walk makes me smile :)

Oh, notice the dark clouds in the top picture?  Yeah, no rain, but it looked awful!  Photos are from my phone.


A Smile a Day – Day 25 – Work


You know, I think I should just leave the title up and let everyone interpret what I mean about “Work” being my smile today.  In fact, the thought of doing just that makes me smile ;)

But I won’t.

Yes, I might be considered weird in some circles, but I actually like my job.  I like taking on a challenge and learning new things. Yes, I guess I can smile about work.

But that isn’t what I meant.

Today at 3:45 EST I “left” work and I am going to be off until Monday.  Yes, a full 5 days in a row off with no real plans!  So the smile I’ve had for the last hour + has been because I am NOT working right now and won’t be for a few days.  And doesn’t that always make you smile? :)

(Note – My desk doesn’t look anything like the picture at the top of the page, though the picture below might look a little like me as I went out the door this afternoon :)  Freedom ;) )

Magnificent Eagle

(the picture is a little over a year old, but yes, the eagle WAS that close to me!)

A Smile a Day – Day 23 – Jamming

I spent a bit of time this evening just jamming.  Most of it was with my modular synthesizer.  This is an old school type instrument that has a different module for the different functions of the synthesizer.  These are then patched together with patch cords.  I have a new module and was playing with it.  Here is a video from tonight, taken with my phone:

(click here if you don’t see the video)

I was just playing with some new sound possibilities with this.

Here is a jam that I actually like a lot better.  It’s from a couple of weeks ago and was also recorded on my phone:

(click here if you don’t see the video)

Obviously trying to get some more Down and Dirty type sounds, like a distorted guitar from the 60s or 70s..

Anyway, I sometimes love to just play and not worry about what I’m doing – Jamming!  I hope you smiled too :)

Oh, and an old one that was  played with other instruments (not my modular), but still my favorite:

(Click here if you don’t see the video)


A Smile a Day – Day 22 – Christmas

Sad Brady

Sad Brady

It doesn’t matter your beliefs, the Christmas sayings of Peace on Earth and Goodwill to Man should resonate beyond cultural boundaries.  In the northern hemisphere we have passed by the longest dark and the new light has entered our world.  Though the coldest part of the winter may be ahead, the growing light gives us hope for the spring to come.  On this day be kind to your neighbor and the stranger and try to carry those ideals through the year, keeping the spirit of goodwill in your heart.

Merry Christmas!

(Click here if you don’t see the video)

A Smile a Day – Day 21 – Writing


Like many of you out there, I love to write!  I guess if you saw my posts yesterday you realize that I sometimes go a little overboard.  I put up a total of 3 posts, 2 of them short stories.  They were all written and posted yesterday.  Sure, one of the stories was only 97 words, written for the Friday Fictioneer, but the other was about 1300, written on a prompt (actually two prompts) by Kruti Mehta.  Besides these and my Smile post announcing my upcoming Wednesday Weekly Smile (open to all!) I wrote the first 1000 words of a new story.  So all together, besides working a full day, besides all the stuff I did around the house, I wrote over 2500 words, posting well over 1500 of them.

Yes, I love writing.  I might not be smiling as I write, but sitting back and reading what I’ve written always puts a smile on my face :)

A Smile A Day – Day 20 – Your Smile


Did you notice that I missed my “A Smile a Day” yesterday?  So many things conspired against it happening.  That’s the problem, this type of project is hard to keep going and it is frustrating when events conspire against it.  Which, of course, goes against the grain of this particular project.  All I can do, of course, is smile and carry on : )

Knowing that I would be unable to post a Smile every single day, I have been planning what to do with the idea.  For, you see, the idea should not die out.  And I have it, I will do a Weekly Smile.  Not just that, I want your smile too; I want it to be a community smile, all of us smiling together.

Beginning on Wednesday January 6th, 2016, I will start my Wednesday Weekly Smile.  This will be a community event with “linky” and everything.  I want as many of you to participate.  Just write down what made you smile over the last week.  It can be small or big, a private smile or a shared smile, a kind word from a friend or a grand gesture from a world leader.  Anything that made you smile.  A photo or a song.  A Facebook post.  Anything.

So are you with me?  Will you join me when I start my Wednesday Weekly Smile on January 6?  I hope so!  The thought of seeing your smile makes me smile, my smile for the day.