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The Weekly Smile 10/22/2018 #weeklysmile


Last week was the first of the new and improved Weekly Smile!  Check out the fresh new variety of sizes and colors.  Wait, wait, wait, this isn’t an old ad, is it? ;)  We had a great turn out, which made me smile.  I was little surprised since it was the first one, but not too surprised since it was actually the 89th smile, just with a 55 week pause in the middle.  Click here if you didn’t see the recap.

I have a lot to smile about this week, so it is hard to chose just one.

This was my first long weekend back on Cape Cod after over a month away, so that is great.  But I often felt that too many of my Smiles in the past were “I was on the Cape this weekend…” so I want to try something else.

I live in a small town in New Hampshire.  I have actually been in this town for 25 years!  I know a lot of people, yet I don’t.  One of my friends in town has only lived here for two years, yet it seems like she knows everyone.  She invited me to a party last night.  A triple, progressive party.  No politics where involved!  We started at one house for appetizers, progressed to another for the main course and then to a third for dessert. Continue reading