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Solstice #tanka

Come the darkest night
A solstice shadow on me
I long for your touch
And then from around the world
Your voice reaches out to me


I once had a series of “Internet love songs”.  It has been a while since I added one.

Now for the irony (I guess) – The photo above was taken on the opposite solstice.  This was late at night on the longest day, shortest night of the year back 6 months ago :)  The poem, of course, is about the shortest day, the longest night…

Sunrise/Sunset – All on the Longest Day (Almost)

It was the longest day of the year. OK, I exaggerate. It was the day before the longest day of the year. I woke up a little before 5 AM on Friday June 19. Even though I was at “The Camp” it was a work day. I walked down to Swan Pond. It was gorgeous, the mist hanging just ever the smooth surface. I went back and grabbed my camera. Continue reading