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Water and Such – Cape April 2018

Foggy Morning

The last couple of times I visited cape Cod I took quite a few photos.  I decided to divide them out into four posts:

Hawks and Eagles
Ducks, Geese and Swan
Turkey and Other Birds
Water and Such

This post is about all of those things that didn’t make it in before.

Remember the photo of the egret I posted last time?  I told you to look at its feet.  Well, here is a version with less of a crop.  See them? Continue reading

What Was That? – Something I Saw

I was walking the dogs late Friday evening.  This is a small residential area on the shore of Swan Pond and, though we were walking after dark, it was well lit.  The walk goes around a short loop, with the total walk being a little less than a half of a mile, maybe closer to a third.

At one point on the walk, the street we were walking on dead ends at a T-intersection.  There is a totally empty lot (no house) on the corner and it is wooded behind the houses across the street from the “vertical” of the “T”, along the “straight”.

Idiana was sniffing around some bushes on the open lot, when Firyeo suddenly pulled like he wanted to chase something.  He stopped and watched, knowing he couldn’t catch whatever it was.  I looked up as soon as I felt the pull.  I saw something white at the edge of the road across from us, but it was moving very rapidly.  It disappeared behind the houses into the woods in less than a second.  Far less than a second – it was like a flash.  I did not hear or see it cross the road, but from Fiyero’s reaction and the position I first saw it, it had to have crossed the road.

What was it?

My first impulse was that it was a white plastic bag blowing in the wind.  A few problems, though.  yes, it was windy, very windy, but I could feel very little where we were.  Also, the roofs were not being ripped off of the houses.  If a bag was traveling that fast, I would expect there to be some wind damage.

It was too fast and too high up to be a rabbit.  Also, rabbits usually run in short spurts and then hide, not for long distances.

My next thought was a deer.  That is a strong possibility, but I can’t understand how it would have crossed the road without me hearing it.  Also, I have seen deer sprint away from me, and they do not move this fast.  I guess it is possible.  A white tail deer can reach a maximum of 30 mph.  That is still pretty darned fast, but this was far, far faster than a car on that road.  I also didn’t see a body, just the white, which, if a deer, would be the tail and hind quarters.  Odd.

In the summer there are falcons in the area, which are the fastest animals on Earth.  But at night?  In the winter?  And I heard no flapping.  The speed, though, made me think in this direction.  If it traveled 50 feet in a quarter of a second, that would put it at over 120 mph.  Falcon speed.  But being a falcon is very improbable.

My next thought was an owl.  There are several owls in the area.  I have heard them and seen some.  Several different species.  Owls can fly very silent and very fast.  A great horned owl, which can be found around here, can travel at over 40 mph/65 kph.    If it was an owl, it must have already had some momentum when it passed us.  Even 40 seems slow.  There have been a few times that I spooked an owl and watched it fly off.  This was much, much faster.  Still, in my opinion this is the most likely “suspect”.

But what if it were not a natural being?  Or at least not an Earthly being?  Perhaps it was a space alien.  How about a spirit?  Some supernatural being?  It could have been a magical creature.  As I said, the 40 mph of an owl seems slow.

What do you think I saw?

— —

The photo at the top is Swan Pond earlier in the winter when it was frozen over.  It was not frozen this weekend.  In fact, I went kayaking on Saturday…

The End of a Streak

In March of 2015 I took my kayak out for the first time for the year.  I kayaked at least once a month every month through the rest of 2015.  I was bale to get out in the water in January and February of 2016, so I ended up kayaking at least once a month through all of 2016.  And then I was able to get onto the water in January and February of 2017 as well.  I figured I had it made.

Mother Nature had different ideas.

See the photo at the top of the page?  This is where I kayak.  Do you see water?  Neither do I.  I see only snow and ice.

It is cold.  It is very cold.  We occasionally have cold snaps like this in late January.  We never have cold snaps like this in December!

So I did not kayak in December.  I was here a couple of weeks ago, but there were gale force winds the entire time – kayaking in those winds is not the smartest thing to do when the temperature was hanging just slightly above freezing.  I decided to wait.

Oh well, I almost made it.  I don’t think I’ll get every month in 2018, either.   Oh well….

Late Winter/Early Spring 2016 on Cape Cod

Chapin Beach

I spent a few days in late- March on Cape Cod.  OK, I know most of my long time readers will say, “So, what’s new?”  This was in ways a mini-vacation.  I went down Wednesday night and took 5 hours off of work on Friday.  I was able to spend more time out and doing stuff than I have in a while.  I went to the beach every day and kayaked every day.  I only walked in the woods once, but it was very nice. Continue reading

A Smile a Day – Day 28 – Cold-water Kayaking


So I go up this morning and for once there was no snow, rain or drizzle.  There was also very little wind.  It was a little cooler than it’s been, but not frigid.  What would any normal person do on before 8 AM on January 1?  Go kayaking, of course!

It was a pretty short paddle.  One problem is there were several duck hunters about and I didn’t want to get too close to them.  And then it did turn breezy, though still relatively calm.  So I was out for maybe 45 minutes.  I got back, changed, and wen to the beach for a while to unwind.  So now, after all of that, breakfast lunch, several dog walks, etc., it is time to sit for 5 minutes at the computer before I go outside again.  Life’s too short to stay indoors!

So today’s smile is about kayaking on January 1st.  I’m going to try to get in the water once every month in 2016 but won’t be too disappointed if I don’t – at least I started off right!

A Smile a Day – Day 9 – Misty Mornings


It was dark when I got up this morning, which isn’t surprising for December.  After my morning routine and breakfast I turned on my work computer.  After doing a few work related tasks I looked out the window.  The sky was beginning to lighten.  Is there a special word for the pre-dawn glow?  Even though I had just started, I had to take a break.  It was still pretty dark, but the sky was glowing, the low hanging clouds dropping almost perceptively.  Within an hour the mist raising off of the pond would merge with the lowering sky and the world would be shrouded in fog for a brief moment, a moment that lasted all morning over the pond itself.  As I walked to the pond’s edge a few Baffleheaded Ducks were startled and flew to deeper water. Continue reading

Photos from Cape Cod – Late February 2015

Last year was our first winter with the cottage on Cape Cod. We visited quite often even though it was a much colder and snowier winter than usual.

And then there was this winter.

Remember my post about the Foss-McDonald Glacier? If not, go back and take a look. Yeah, it was that bad. Continue reading

Cape Cod 11 Nov 2014 – 16 Nov 2014

Swalt Grass Swamp

I was on Cape Cod last week and, as usual, took some pictures.  I already posted a few cell phone pictures.  The above picture was also from my phone.

Also as usual I made it out in the kayak.  I saw a family of swan against the mid-Novemebr trees.

Distant Swans Continue reading

Swans Part II


My vacation house in Dennis Port is very close to two bodies of water. I’m not talking about Nantucket Sound and Massachusetts Bay, I’m talking about Swan Pond and the West Reservoir of the Herring River in Harwich. I’m steps away from one and less than a mile from the other. As the name may indicate, there are swans on Swan Pond, but there are even more on West Reservoir. Continue reading