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Cape Cod in Late April Part 2

A couple of loons

Last Monday I posted a bunch of photos I took of Osprey.  All of these photos were taken in an hour.  I was on Cape Cod on a “stay-cation” at my cottage for four days without any work.  So what did I do for the other three days, 23 hours?  Well, here are some more photos ;)

Swan on Swan Pond

I have seen very few loon on The Cape.  This time I saw several on two different bodies of water.  I saw as many as three together and often saw two.  I didn’t hear that call they make.  Last year in Maine, at dusk, I sat and listened to loons call.  It is a magical sound…  However, at the end of April on Cape Cod, I did hear them “talk”.  They made sounds back and forth.  Very cool, if not quite the chilling call. Continue reading

Ducks, Swans and Geese – Cape Cod April 2018

Male Bafflehead duck

The last couple of times I visited cape Cod I took quite a few photos.  I decided to divide them out into four posts:

Hawks and Eagles
Ducks, Geese and Swan
Turkey and Other Birds
Water and Such

This post is about ducks and things of that nature.

Ducks are pretty common.  Mot just that, but there are many types of ducks.  The most common through most of the year are the mallards.  Everyone knows them.  We take them for granted, but they are quite pretty.  Here are some mallards, though this is an older photo. Continue reading

Photos of Cape Cod, Mid May


Swan grooming itselfI always post a lot of photos from Cape Cod, and have done a late April post every year.  I wasn’t 100% happy with my late April photos this year, but I am a bit happier with the ones I took in mid May.

Last Monday I put up a post of waterfalls and mentioned a new camera.  These shots are the first shots I took on Cape Cod with the new camera. Continue reading

Early Spring on Cape Cod – Return of the Osprey!

I spent the weekend on Cape Cod, known around here as just “The Cape”.  I say that because I know I sometimes confuse my African readers with “The Cape”:)  This has been a very harsh winter and yet, at last, Spring has arrived.

As always I took quite a few photos, even though many were in the rain.  We did have some sunshine.  In fact, the second it stopped raining on Saturday I was on my way to Chapin Beach.  This beach has tidal flats that stretch out well over a kilometer, but I got there at high tide.  I’m not sure if it was the full moon, the north-west wind or what, but I don’t think I’ve seen the tide as high. Continue reading

Cape Cod 11 Nov 2014 – 16 Nov 2014

Swalt Grass Swamp

I was on Cape Cod last week and, as usual, took some pictures.  I already posted a few cell phone pictures.  The above picture was also from my phone.

Also as usual I made it out in the kayak.  I saw a family of swan against the mid-Novemebr trees.

Distant Swans Continue reading

Baby Falcon – Where have all the Osprey Gone?

Over the weekend I was down on the Cape for the first time in a couple of weeks. The weather was beautiful and a lot of people were around, but it seemed a little quiet. A lot of the birds had left. In particular, I noticed the osprey were gone.

Early in the summer only one parent would hunt at a time while the other stayed with the eggs or chick. By early September not only were both parent osprey hunting, the fledged chicks were joining them. At times I could see six or even eight at a time circling the ponds.

Not this weekend. Continue reading

Swans Part II


My vacation house in Dennis Port is very close to two bodies of water. I’m not talking about Nantucket Sound and Massachusetts Bay, I’m talking about Swan Pond and the West Reservoir of the Herring River in Harwich. I’m steps away from one and less than a mile from the other. As the name may indicate, there are swans on Swan Pond, but there are even more on West Reservoir. Continue reading