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Plans for World Domination


One of the first rules of blogging is to never compare your blog to anybody else’s blog. You can borrow ideas you like (don’t steal, though), and you can share with them, but never say, “Why do they have 2,000,000 followers while I only have 20?” Everyone is different.

OK, now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, I have to say that during all of the year end stats sharing I noticed that I received views from far fewer countries last year than most of the blogs I follow that have a similar number of followers. Not only that, the number of different countries that the views to my blog came from has decreased by 10% from 2014 to 2015 while the number of actual views increased by 100% (doubled). So where is my International audience? More important, how can I increase that audience? Continue reading

Our Story


There was a shrieking sound of the sky opening up followed by a low, subterranean thud.  The room shook, a snow of dust gently floated down from the ceiling.  We looked at each other.  We didn’t understand.  We didn’t want to understand.

There was another ripping sound, this time louder.  The explosion was deafening.  Our few remaining windows were blown out and this time we were pelted by a hail of ceiling plaster.  Through the choking dust we gathered and found a few nasty injuries caused by the flying glass.  Nothing serious or life threatening, but it was still pretty awful.  We left our rooms and headed downstairs.

We could no longer deny the truth.  Our city was being shelled Continue reading