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Gore Orphanage


It was a cold night, too cold for any reasonable man to go outside. The caretaker knew because he had been out a little earlier, nipping off of the bottle hidden in the carriage house. The warm glow in his belly was beginning to fade and fog on his brain to lift, so he decided to make another run out for another nip. With a little heater full of hot coals in one hand and a lantern in the other he headed for the door. The kids would never know.

The caretaker stumbled and dropped the lamp. Oil splashed everywhere. Cursing, he put down the heater and grabbed another lantern. It would be cold, but he needed his nip.

Once outside he put a bar across the front door. His main responsibility as the night caretaker was to make sure none of the kids ran away. The Master had strange ideas about childcare that most people found pretty cruel.  The kids didn’t appreciate it either, so many of them often tried to escape at night. The bar would keep them in as he strolled out to the carriage house. As he turned he heard a noise from inside and smelled smoke, but his alcohol drenched brain didn’t register the senses. Continue reading

Thinking of Paris

Today my heart goes out to Paris.  Yes, it is always in Paris, but today I mourn once again for its citizens.  There is something terribly wrong with our world that such a thing can happen in Paris.  Or in Beirut (also today).  Or anywhere.  It’s just that I know Paris, having been there 3 times.   Below is a repost of one of the many posts I’ve done featuring this great city.  The post was from July 6, 2015.  I add 3 more photos at the bottom, though I wish I could have added 300 more.

Buildings by the Seine - 2002

I know this sounds like a cliche, but Paris is my favorite city.  I’ve visited three times, the first in 2001 and the last in 2011.

Latin Quarter - 2011

One of the first short stories I posted on Trent’s World was set in Paris and is based on something that did happen the first time I was there. Continue reading

Albert – A Great Coincidence


Life is full of coincidence. It seems that almost every day there will be a moment when I’ll think of something and it happens. Oh, like a random memory of a friend I haven’t seen in years will come to mind. Later in the day I’ll get an e-mail from that person.  Or someone will mention a song and it happens to be the next song up on the radio.

Coincidences also happen in blogging. Perhaps my greatest blogging coincidence occurred a couple of weeks ago. Continue reading

And Then the World Changed


I was sitting in the backyard of my vacation house in the late evening. I had a boxer puppy in my lap chewing on a stick while I thought up the plot of a short story. Without thinking I would throw a toy and the puppy would run, grab it and bring it back to my lap to chew. It was pleasantly warm, a breeze coming off of the nearby saltwater pond, an early summer evening like any other.

And then the world changed. Continue reading