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Mountains of My Mind #Haibun #Tanka

Flower with Flatirons in the background

Mountains of My Mind

I stop to admire a flower and wonder what she is doing.   I turn a corner, see a bird and think of the latest outrage he tweeted.  I touch the tall pine and politics dominate my thoughts.  I go up the rise, hard rock beneath my feet, and think of nuclear tipped missiles falling from space.  But I push harder, sweat more, and go farther up this mountain.  Soon, I take in the view and my mind is blank, quiet.  I look around and all there is, is nature.  And me.

From the mountain top
The Earth spreads out calm below
The world seems at peace
I need refuge from Mankind
The turmoil of daily life

I am an extreme Introvert.  My mind drowns out all sounds around it.   Sometimes I need to go where there is no competition, no distraction from people talking.  I need to go where there are no sounds made from Man.  On a deserted beach at dawn, or deep in the forest, or high on a mountain top, I can be me.  Sometimes that mountain only exists in my head.

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A Smile a Day – Day 9 – Misty Mornings


It was dark when I got up this morning, which isn’t surprising for December.  After my morning routine and breakfast I turned on my work computer.  After doing a few work related tasks I looked out the window.  The sky was beginning to lighten.  Is there a special word for the pre-dawn glow?  Even though I had just started, I had to take a break.  It was still pretty dark, but the sky was glowing, the low hanging clouds dropping almost perceptively.  Within an hour the mist raising off of the pond would merge with the lowering sky and the world would be shrouded in fog for a brief moment, a moment that lasted all morning over the pond itself.  As I walked to the pond’s edge a few Baffleheaded Ducks were startled and flew to deeper water. Continue reading