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Trillium #etheree #doubleetheree

Sun light
Warming days
Still frosty nights
I tromp through the woods
New growth shoots welcome me
The trees are budding, promising life
Glowing yellows and baby greens
But I spot a flash of burgundy
The first rich, Earthy color of the year

Everyone notices those bright flowers
Those extroverts of nature stand out
Flashy in their new spring wardrobe
Glowing in the springtime sun
What about the hidden?
What flowers are dark?
Who speaks of soil
Black and rich?


This was written for Colleen’s weekly Poetry Challenge. This week we were asked to write on a theme given by Kat. The theme was “Pick a Flower and using one of the syllabic forms we use, tell us why it is special to you.” I chose to use a double etheree. And the flower I chose was the trillium, but that red trillium I see in New Hampshire, not the white ones I grew up with in Ohio. And yes, if you read my coffee post, that photo at the top may be one of the photos I use for my spring coffee shares…




I remember, in my youth, coming across patches of three pedaled white flowers, the beautiful Trillium, and knowing it was Spring.  The special allure is a treat only of memory and the past, for the flowers aren’t to be found in New Hampshire.

On the wooded hill behind my house are patches of little plants.  Velvety dark tri-pedaled flowers have appeared at the top of their stems.  They are still Trilliums, just a different sort.  Pretty, but to be left alone, Stinking Benjamins are not to be sniffed lightly. Continue reading