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Season’s First Turtleneck!


I have written that I wear turtlenecks pretty much from October to April.  When I say that, I mean almost exclusively turtlenecks.  Have you noticed that even though I post a lot of pictures from the beach or from a kayak almost all of my selfies have me wearing a turtleneck?  I even wrote post about it.  Last year, on Tax Day (April 15), I wrote about the last turtleneck of the season.  Well, today I wore my first for this season!  Sure, it is very possible I will wear something else coming up in the next few weeks.  In fact, I see warmer weather on the horizon.  However, from now until the end of March I guarantee that if you catch me at random it is more likely that I’ll have a turtleneck on than not!  OK, at random means when I am awake and dressed.  Smarty.   So it must be officially mid to late autumn – Trent is wearing a turtleneck!

Throwback Thursday – Sweaters


I bought several sweaters when I first moved to New Hampshire.  I hadn’t really worn sweaters before that, but loved the one wool sweater I did have.  Years later I still have most of those original wool sweaters.  The very first wool sweater that I bought while still in collage is only worn for doing chores around the house, but I do wear some of the others from that era all of the time.  The most expensive of the bunch is the one in picture to the right.  It really didn’t last very long.  For years I kept it in the dog crate so there would be something that smells like me, but I think it has been gone for quite a while now.

I took the picture on the left this morning with one of the original sweaters.  I will not say when the other picture was taken ;) One thing, as you can see I am NOT wearing a turtleneck in the old picture!  These days I am almost always in a turtle neck if it’s cool enough for sweaters.  Here is an old post, Turtleneck Trent.

Just a little blast from the past!  Happy Thursday!