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The Misfits

Dark presents

Wayne laid on his bed, eyes squeezed tight to fight back the tears. He needed to believe. He had to believe. He tried to shut out his parents’ voices that sounded loud and clear through the paper thin walls of their apartment.

“For God’s sake Charlie, the boy is 11, almost 12, not five. Why’d you go off on that Santa Claus garbage?”

“Everyone needs a reason to hope. I want to keep the belief alive. I don’t care if most of the year life here ain’t worth beans, tonight should be magic.”

“Well, you better pray there is some magic ‘cause neither of us can afford any toys for the boy.” Continue reading


The Insistance of Prime

While searching for a topic for today’s post I realized that I haven’t complained about my lack of time in quite some time. Yes, I have had posts stating that I was taking a blog slowdown because of lack of time, but no posts were I have actually sat down and whined complained talked about my lack of time. It’s funny, these types of posts used to be a fixture here at Trent’s World and came up with clockwork precision. Oh well, I guess I just haven’t had the time to post one.

It isn’t that I’ve finally found myself rich with time. No, no, I haven’t found that elusive door to step sideways from the stream of time and make it stand still while I did the things I need to do. I still have that same lack of time as I’ve always had. I think it’s because I’ve been too busy to complain. It’s just awful when you’re too busy “doing” to complain that you don’t have enough time to do anything, isn’t it? Continue reading