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Winter – #tanka


Frigid winter day
A blizzard freezes my soul
Distant stares are harsh
An icy word from your mouth
Causes the tempest to rage


Written for Colleen’s Poetry challenge.  Each week she gives us two keywords, only we must use synonyms only, not the words themselves.  This week the key words were “Cold” and “Storm” This week I decided to try a tanka.


In ways these words were appropriate this week as we just had our first major storm of the season followed by our coldest day so far.  I know, the first storm in late January in New Hampshire?  Unheard of!  But it has been a frigid winter!  And don’t worry too much about my storm damaged heart – this is pure fiction :)  Photo from a short hike on Saturday, before the storm.

Raging Storm – #Haibun

Snow Flower

Ignorant in bliss
Struck by a blizzard of doubt
The storm rages on
A word can stop the frenzy
Calm my mind back to delight

This was written for Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Challenge.  The key words today were “Joy” and “Fury”.  Following her suggestion, I didn’t use the words, I used only synonyms.

A fourth Nor’easter in the last three weeks is predicted.  I’m wondering when March will start “lambing up” since it has certainly been lioning all month!

Note 2 – The photo at the top was from an October snowstorm that left over 3 feet (1 meter) of heavy snow back about a decade ago.  The flowers were still in bloom…

It Will Come, It Will Come… – #haibun #haiku


It Will Come

The wind bites my face.  I shuffle on, glancing up when the weather allows.  A blanket of white is drowning the land.  The calendar is playing tricks, mocking us with one blizzard after another while my Facebook shows me reminders of the flowers I saw on this day in the past.  I know, I need a little self-control and wait it out.  The lush plant life will return, recreating the landscape around me.  A strong gust makes me duck my head again.  I am not sure if I will preserver.

The world born again
Endurance over winter
Bloom to emerald

— —

This was written for Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Challenge.  The key words today were “Patience” and “Green”.  Following her suggestion, I didn’t use the words, I used only synonyms.

We are having our third Nor’easter in two weeks.  This one will be the biggest, with well over a foot for snow.  The weather forecast shows some of the coldest weather of the year coming later this week and another snow storm next week.  Every day for the last week there have been pictures coming up on Facebook reminding me that by this time every other year we’ve had flowers.  I want winter to be over!

Grey and Windy


It’s grey and windy.  A storm sits off the Atlantic coast churning up the water.  A band of passing showers and then just grey again.  It’s going to be like this for days.  Time for a book and for some music.  Perhaps a warm snack and more coffee.  Not a time for sunbathing or swimming.

It is grey and windy.  What a day to start my vacation ;)

The Question

Car, House, Snow - Questions?

Life brings many questions. In fact, you can say life is a quest to answer all of the questions, from the easy, day to day to the unanswerable. For as we age we find more and more of the big questions really are unanswerable. We’re left to ponder the imponderable. It is part of the mystery of life. Or, perhaps, the mystery of life, death, the universe and everything (Sorry Douglas Adams, I had to add one).

This year has been such a year for the really deep questions. In fact, I spent much of today pondering one of life’s unanswerable questions. A deep question full of ramifications. Oh, how I wished I needn’t have asked such a question, but I was facing a major decision. Continue reading