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Changing Web Presence Part 2

A couple of weeks ago I told you about some changes to my blog and other web pages. The big thing, of course, is changing the blog to its own domain to get rid of the advertisement.

I also talked about updating some other web sites. I did finish the first part of the updates, but didn’t say anything because of the release of The Old Mill.

Well, that is now past, so time to link talk about my web presence :)

After looking through it all, I discovered that I have quite a few sites! Each has its own function.

Blog (this site). Almost daily updates with stories, poems, photos, drawings and just plain talk.
Trent’s World Web Page. A static web page about my creative side. It is a good place for galleries and links to other sites.
Author site. Pretty basic. Just links to my books for now.
Amazon author’s page. My page on Amazon.
YouTube. This is where I share some of my music. It is mostly recordings by me and most of the music is music I have written.
Instagram. I do little here, but will occasionally post photos from my phone. 90% of posts are to get the image to my personal FB page ;)

So that makes six web sites! This one is, of course, the most important, but I am going to try to maintain all of them.

If you have time, I’d like you to visit a couple of galleries on my Trent’s World Page. The first is just drawing and painting in general. the other is figure drawing, i.e., nudes, which is why I kept it separate.

Throwback Thursday – Did You AltaVista?


Early ‘Net

It was a new frontier, an exciting new world to explore.  Sure, we had grown up in the nurseries of CompuServe and later Prodigy and AOL.  But this was wild and untamed, not a boxed, prepackaged environment.  At last, the Internet was opened to the normal person.   Armed only with Mosaic, later called a web browser, we set off to explore this unknown universe where there were over a quarter of a million  websites (1996).  How in the world (wide web) could a mere mortal explore such a vast (cyber) space?

In 1996 Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) introduced AltaVista, a search engine that was far more advanced than anything seen up until that point. In two years AltaVista went from 300,000 searches on the first day to over 80 million searches a day.  In other words, we all used it. Continue reading