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Some Images of Cape Cod – 2013

All Images by Trent P McDonald; taken with Olympus OMD-EM5 on Cape Cod  in 2013

Challenge Me!

Hamlet Symphony - Trent P McDonald

A few years back I followed a music forum.  One cool thing about this forum was the recurring composition challenges.  Everyone would submit a piece of music on a given theme.  The compositions would be posted anonymously.  We would then be given the opportunity to vote on our favorite.  The winner had the honor of creating the theme for the next challenge. Continue reading

Yes, Another “What I Want from My Blog in 2014” Post

The Possibilities ... Photo by Trent P McDonald

I think I started the blogging year out right.  I put up a short work of fiction about someone’s first day out in the world, his great new beginning.  OK, so that “someone” is a Frankenstein monster-like creature.  Everyone deserves a great new start, don’t they?  Yes, my First of January post does show the general flavor my blog will take this fine New Year, but I’m still lacking the typical “here is what I want to accomplish this year” post.  Well, I was lacking – just continue reading… Continue reading