A New Life – AKA “Frank”


“A New Life” is a series of tongue in cheek stories about a poor, misunderstood creature, “Frank”.  Lately “Frank” has been showing up on the last Friday of every month in the “Final Friday Frank”.  Here is his story to date.  Note – Most of these stories are 750 words or less.

0.  A Fresh Start – Our hero is introduced to you, his fictional readers. 8/1/14

  1.  First Day Out – Our hero gets out of the castle for a walk in the park and a chance to meet the neighbors. 1/1/14
  2. The Garden – The park didn’t work, so a walled garden might be the ticket to get fresh air and sunshine. 1/20/14
  3. On the Internet Nobody Knows You’re a Monster – Our hero has discovered the Internet 1/24/14
  4. The Dinner Guest – It’s Valentine’s Day and the doctor has a date. Our hero wants to meet her. 2/13/14
  5. A Big Hello from Frank – Frank returns from the dead!  Again!  Just a real quick clip to reintroduce our hero. 5/1/2014
  6. Origins – Frank talks about his earliest memories. 5/23/2014
  7. Caught! – Frank is caught red handed. 6/27/2014
  8. Fate – After being caught Frank is forced to meet his fate. 8/29/2014
  9. Birthday – Frank talks to Dr. F. about his work.  9/26/2014
  10. Birthday Part 2 – A continuation of Frank’s discussion with Dr. F. brings our story to a close.  10/31/2014

Some artwork from “A new Life” (AKA – Frank):

First Day OutAppleOn the Internet nobodyDinner Guest



24 thoughts on “A New Life – AKA “Frank”

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  11. margaretjeanlangstaff

    Few authors have any inkling of how difficult it is in any era, under any circumstances, it is to get attention for their books. Best thing to do, if you enjoy making them, is to go boldly forth and not worry about it. Just do what you have to do

    Liked by 1 person

    1. trentpmcd Post author

      Thanks Margaret! These stories are just so fun to write. Hopefully the creativity and sense of play can be found in my book – I’d hate for it to become one of those books you were talking about when you lamented the state of books in the modern era ; )


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